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voting 4 trump is irresponsible

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Started: 9/2/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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voting for trump is irresponsible

trump wants to cut taxes and add another trillion a year to the deficit. our debt is becoming a national security issue. he wants to repeal obamacare with no real alternative to replace it. people with medicaid expansion would no longer have healthcare, millions won't have subsidies to make care affordable, and insurance companies won't be able to afford covering people with preexisting conditions. (they can't afford them to a large extent with the subsidies and mandate, but apparently trump wants neither of these things so that'd make the problem worse)

trump's views of immigration are okay but with his flip flop on amnesty, he's not far away from clinton. he's okay on trade but at least rhetoric wise he's the same as clinton.

those are the major things. clinton is a status quo candidate. the only real difference is taxes and healthcare, and on those trump is irresponsible. thus anyone who would vote for him is being irresponsible.


To start off, may I ask where you are getting your information from? Second I see no argument. You simply state some opinions about Trump's political views, however, you fail to mention how his political views makes the voter the irresponsible one.

I am also curious to know what your definition of irresponsibility is? Are you simply stating that those who agree with Trump's political views are irresponsible, or those who are specifically for Trump. Because if you consider all those who simply side with Trump's political views are you including the broader spectrum of people who tend to align themselves with the republican party?

I am just trying to get better clarity of what is actually being debated at hand.
Debate Round No. 1


instead of asking a bunch of irrelevant questions, con should be arguing why it's responsible to vote for trump.

i argued why it's irresponsible to vote for trump.... because you're getting an irresponsible person into office.


That is faulty correlation. Saying that Trump is irresponsibility is projected onto the voters does not make any logical sense.

3 mere examples of Trumps political views doe not prove him to be irresponsible. You simply state some plausible outcomes of what would happen if he was president as if they were facts set into stone. However it is highly disagreeable. For example, I say that removing Obamacare will actually be beneficial to the health care system and the cost would drop. Show me the proof that each of your arguments against Trump with credible sources.
Debate Round No. 2


i showed common sense that my points show irresponsibility. even the congressional budget office says if we dont get our budget in order bad things might occur. as for obamacare, showed how preexisting conditions and medicaid were important to give people healthcare, and all you do is say it would be cheaper. yes, but at what cost. do you not care about poor and disabled people?


Again common sense is very subjective. The congressional budget office may say that "if we don't get our budget in order bad things will happen". This I can agree to but when it comes to how the budget problem is solved there is no right way and stating that Trump's reduction of taxes is going to make it worse has no validity, except your perception of it simply being common sense. To me, common sense, means reducing tax and cutting unnecessary social programs that our government pours millions into everywhere. With that perspective, what makes your common sense more valid and true than mine? If you had provided sound and solid evidence with credible sources, I would have been able to reevaluate my stance. However, with out the evidence, to me it is just an opinion.

The same goes for the rest of your examples you provided no substantial evidence to base your opinions on. It is also important to recognize that you state how Obamacare is benefits the citizens as if its the only correct way to provide health care. How can we know that Trump doesn't have a plan that can work equally as well?

Finally, asking me if I "care about the poor and disabled people" is irrelevant to the argument. We are arguing whether Trump supporters are irresponsible, not my stance on social issues.

In conclusion, I believe that those who vote for Trump are not irresponsible. Those who vote for him simply believe that he would be the best fit in office. For those who do agree with his political stance, have different opinions than those who oppose him and his views. Those opinions in no way reflect their character. I believe that it would be better to state:
" I don't agree with those supporting Trump for reasons A, B and C. Here is the evidence supporting my claim that these reasons may have negative effects on the United States in the following year." But attacking someones character based on the fact that it doesn't align with your personal opinions does not provide a sound argument in justifying Trump voters as irresponsible.
Debate Round No. 3
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Vote Placed by Shamoo2 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: pro was unable to convince me that Trump is irresponsible for office.
Vote Placed by RoyLatham 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Voting is a choice among candidates, so Pro must not only establish what Trump's position is, but that an opposing candidate has a better position. Moreover, there has to be some criteria by which voting for Trump is not merely wrong, but irresponsible. Con pointed out that Pro provided no evidence that Trump's position was accurately portrayed or that voting for Trump would be so much in error as to be irresponsible. Trump says he'll balance the budget, but Pro could present a case that he would not. Pro simply did not present a case. Pro's lack of capitalization and other informalities was a significant distraction, losing the S&G category.