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Started: 6/18/2016 Category: Politics
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war is good because it keeps our population down. it can also get rid of some people who cant get a job.


I shall accept your challenge of this debate on War. As I can see, your point is that war is good for reasons that you have stated and will state.
I believe that War is not good. But I do not believe war is bad. I believe that war is necessary under certain circumstances, e.g WW2, defending allies and not allowing the vileness of Nazism to spread, the Hundred Years War, Edward III (attempting to) taking his place on the French throne, the Falklands War, Britain rescuing it's own territory of the Falkland Islands from the Argentine who unjustly captured it.
I do not however believe the Iraq War was necessary.
Debate Round No. 1


lolking78 forfeited this round.


Do I win?

War is not a good thing. People die, families are destroyed and a lot of the time both countries economy suffer. War is however necessary considering that evil must be destroyed. I do not believe that many people would consider World War 2 a 'good' thing but would consider it a necessary war as the evils of Nazism and German expansionism had to be destroyed.

In answer to your first argument of "war is good because it keeps our population down", I say this, yes it does keep the population down but that is not the best way to do it. If war keeping the population down is a good thing then maybe you also believe that the Holocaust was a good thing because that brought the population down. Or even Americas involvement in the Philippines.

In answer to "it can also get rid of some people who cant get a job", I say this, that is a awful and disrespectful thing to say because we should never put lives being lost into something that helps society. Also you may have contradicted yourself because many people who cannot get work is because of being in a war-torn country. So what you are saying is that war is good because it kills the unemployed who were made unemployed because of that war.

This next part shall be in capital letters because I want my honorable opponent to defiantly read this part.

Debate Round No. 2


war can take the world population down because we have a too high population count


I thank my honorable opponent for participating and challenging me to this debate.

In conclusion war is bad. War is never good because lives are lost and countries are bankrupted by it. War is however necessary because evil must to be destroyed, places must be justly conquer and law and order must be established . I am talking about the modern world, not the pre 1900 world.

In answer to your argument of "war can take the world population down because we have a too high population count", I say this, yes the population of the world is too high, yes war does kill people and reduce he population but war is not the way to reduce population. We must create a balance of people not having too many children so population does not go too high, but equaly we must make sure we do not have a high dependency ratio with lots of young people and lots of elderly people.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ishant117 2 years ago
PRO, lolking 78, then terrorism is also right and very good as it also keeps population down and eliminates many unemployed people.
raping and murdering a woman or man is also right as it is also eliminating unnecessary junks of society, right PRO?? that is so RIDICULOUS man.
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Vote Placed by Crede 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Do I even need to put a reason? Con utterly destroyed this...debate troll? Cons position: War is bad but necessary. Just that sentence would have won. Good job Con for entertaining this poorly formed argument by Pro.