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was Donald trump the right choice

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Started: 3/1/2017 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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donald trump is always saying make america great again, but he is trying to deport people that barley broke the law and i believe that is not fair


Donald J. Trump was the right decision for president of the United States.

Here is his platform
- Dealing with Illegal immigration. Deporting Illegal immigrants who commit crimes in the United States.
- Building a border wall to restrict the undocumented and unsupervised flow of drugs, weapons, and people across the border.
- Repeal and Replace of Obamacare. This would fix the rising premiums and allow Americans to choose health care. It is also important to note that many good parts of Obamacare would be kept. Such as the part on people with preexisting conditions.
- Repeal and Replace of many detrimental trade agreements like the Trans. Pacific Partnership.
- Infrastructure Investments to modernize American infrastructure.
- Defeating Radical Islamic Terrorism
- Tax cuts stimulating Economic growth
- Transfer of power from the Federal Government back to the States on many issues.
- Implementing a travel ban on immigrants from countries were vetting can not take place at a high enough standard to prove that the immigrants were terror free
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Posted by Teen_driven_crazy 3 years ago
Since there is no "barely" breaking a law, I wondering if you mean breaking tiny laws like speeding.
Posted by NecroKid111 3 years ago
Bullsh*t. You don't barely break the law. Breaking the law is breaking the law. Illegal immigration is breaking the law.
Posted by Politics2016 3 years ago
How does someone "barely" break the law?
Posted by thebestdebate 3 years ago
There is no "barely" breaking the law; you either broke it or you didn't.
Posted by Sovcody2 3 years ago
Please define "barely" broke the law.
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