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was adolf Hitler a better person than the leaders of today?

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Started: 10/6/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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thinking that Adolf Hitler was a very cruel human is obvious for anyone today .. but thinking he was kinda right is different .

many people have tons of reasons of hating him , most of them say 'cause he killed Christians and Jews ' or maybe because he was very cruel in killing the non-Germans or minor communities. but does anyone think that leaders doing today is the repetition in history itself . leaders today only care about themselves or their community or religion and not the whole country as one . leaders are suppose to care for the country and humanity as well but do they care? no , all they want now is money and power . adolf hitler wanted power , so do these people . he wanted war , so do these leaders . adolf hated a religion so much that he wanted to banish them , well , so do the leaders today.
but did u know that adolf Hitler supported animal rights and became vegetarian in later life . of-course u do ... but did u know that that the thousand flemish children taken by the nazi to Germany , did not return even after they were free to go !, why? well , maybe because they all saw the good side of their new leader who committed suicide instead of surrendering. being a student now means having a lot pressure of becoming something today but seeing the fact that leaders today only want power and money and war . i don't we will have a good future no matter how hard we try . at least the nazi children had their leader who did not kill them . now a days if an insane man who wants to kill or die for fun suicides killing others with him, they will nit blame him alone and close the case todays world will judge him on his region and religion of the people dead.
see it or not history is repeating itself ... in a good way or bad ,its all the person's POV!!


I negate the resolution (Disagree) that today's leaders are like Adolf Hitler.

Hitler was an Anti-Jew, War-Hungry, Totalitarian Dictator. None of today's leaders embrace all of his ideals. First we must look to his own country as an example. Ever since World War Two Germany has been considered one of the world's most liberal countries because of its own people. An example of this is none other that the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Merkel has been an advocate for many ideas that oppose Hitler's. First, Merkel has been an advocate for Human Rights on a global scale. Second, Angela Merkel has stressed many times in the past that Diplomatic negotiations should always be prioritized and that the world should avoid war at all costs. Third, Angela Merkel has also been a strong advocate for democracies around the world and has condemned many Totalitarian or Authoritarian Dictators.

I will now counter my opponents arguments

First my opponent states that "history is repeating itself" but has not provided any examples. I cannot trust this argument because without evidence the could have simply pulled the argument from an unreliable source or just invented it on the spot. My opponent has also claimed that leaders only want "Money and Power" and "do not care about for the country of humanity". Once again we must look to the actual leaders in our society. Once again, Angela Merkel is a great example of someone who cares about "the country and humanity". She has been an advocate for not only her people but for the minorities around the world.

Second, my opponent has used the example of "Animal Rights Advocate" and "Thousand Flemish Children" to justify Hitler's actions. Firstly, in the example of "Animal Rights advocate" my opponent leads me to believe that Hitler was somehow good because he valued Animal Rights and was a vegetarian. However, my opponent has contradicted themselves by stating first that Hitler was bad but stating that he was somehow good. Secondly, My opponent also used the "Thousand Flemish Children" example. However, this contradicts themselves by somehow stating that Adolf Hitler is now good.

To any spectator, it should be as plain as day to who should win now. First off I used proper grammar, spelling, and used logical arguments. My opponent however has disregarded all aspects of civil debate and instead opted to rant as fast as possible onto a page.

Please vote for me for all of the above.
Thank you!

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Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
Exactly he could had been great, if he didn't start wars and killing innocent people. But the fact of the matter he did, and he didn't just kill some, he killed tens of millions. So there for he is one of the worst if not the worst person ever.
Posted by Arganger 2 years ago
I don't believe Hitler or anyone else is completely bad. Hitler thought of himself as doing the right thing. He wanted to revive the German economy, he cared about women's and animal rights. And he was successful in that, without him Germany wouldn't be were it is today. In fact, I would argue that Hitler could of been one of the worlds greatest leaders if he was raised differently.

What got in his way was his racism, his ableism (And belief in eugenics), and his war time grudges. He could of been a wonderful leader though.
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