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what is the best government set up.

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Started: 3/11/2014 Category: Society
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This is not a debate in the traditional sense. There are no sides to take ( pro vs con). The goal is to theorize a government that would best restrict corruption and promote equality. I would like a new idea from my opponet as I am going to give one also.
1 . Acceptance
2.describing and explaining
4.modifications of idea


The government has VERY large control over our every-day lives. They control every part of it. I have also noticed that many of the things that our founding fathers have written down upon the sheet of paper that spelled America's future in the year of 1776 have been squandered in the name of security. For example, we have not long ago been told that we are being spied on by the government. We are not free of them in any part of our every-day lives. So when will all of this become more extreme? When will the government hold even more power? When will our Declaration of Independence be like many of the other ancient scrolls of long-passed generations?

That is why I would like to know that America will be a more advanced nation, with a more advanced government.... or, that is, a less powerful government.

The government that I imagine would allow all of the people in the country over 17 to vote. This is because children who are young tend to go more with what their parents agree with. They think too much about their parents religion, and what they tell them. At about this age, though, most people start to form more of their own opinions are government-related topics.

Also, we would still vote for representatives. Anyone would be able to try out for office, and their can be any number out of any state. . They need to be very committed to what they are. People can be voted in or out of office at any time.

The people and the representatives would all be able to write letters to the house. The house would choose laws for all of the people to follow. If they pass the law than the people can vote again for it to be contemplated again by the house.
Anyone considered an American should be allowed to speak in front of the representatives, and than they can change their opinions if someone says something that they believe in.

In this government, their shouldn't be a president. One person shouldn't have that much control over so many people. There should be no dictators, no monarchs.
There can be set people to announce the decisions of the house. But if the people would like a president, than they can cast a vote for one. If they don't though, they can vote them out of office at any time. Before that, though, the house will cast a vote at least three times. *so the decision is clean and thorough*

This system will save a lot of money that would otherwise be going to the government, so taxes would be a lot lower. We would be able to decide what type of insurances we want. Also, to help taxes, you would only need to pay taxes for the things you use. If you don't go to the library, you would not pay for the library. That way everyones' taxes would be less. Rich people would not be taxed for or less than the poor. * But, for things that are very widely used, like schools, all people need to help get people in school. But the people using or paying for their kid or something to go to school would pay more than those not paying.

For the people who can not pay their own tax money, like the old or sick, the US citizens would pay for them in their retirement homes, etc. Also for the soldiers who came home injured. We would also pay their pay checks. For the rest of the services that aren't as needed, you don't need to pay for them.

This would be ruled by THE PEOPLE more than anyone else.
All laws can not surpass the Declaration of Independence.

Long jail sentences, Life sentences or death will be served if anyone murders, or endangers people lives.

If someone does something wrong, the people will vote on the punishment. This will give everyone a good self-image, probably decreasing suicide rates.

Obviously, this system is well controlled by the people of the US and less by the government.
Debate Round No. 1


My government would have many things in it.
1. Everyone would be taught how to debate and see faults in ideas.
2. For every law there would be a debate, each debate would have two or more sides depending on complexity.
3. Then every one would talk about it in groups of four or five then one of those people would talk to four or five other people who just talked to four or five people each. This would continue until it got to the last few people who would then make a decision on what the people thought.
4. Then it would go back to the people to vote on how accurate they felt the conclusion was accurate.
5.Teachers of the students would decided when they are ready to be in this process.
6.Basic needs would be considered first priority.
7.Parents would be tested for moral worthiness, tested to make sure they wouldn't abuse or neglect their children.
8. conservation and recycling would be mandatory.
9. There would be no "fake" money as the kind there is today there would only be useful money: grain and other various food products and supplies.


My government would change it quickly, setting it up for the future.
Things are easy to change, so we can quickly adapt to any sudden change in the world. If something happens then we can react and fix the issue.

Also, we would be using the same money as right now. I don't see the point in exchanging grains. Nothing would work correctly, and America would be very hard behind all of the other countries. Trading amongst ourselves would end and a large number of people would be left jobless, and many other family would be unstable. Money was created to avoid many of the bad things that would come from such simple trade........

...and how would adults be tested to make sure they do not hurt children? Would they just be stuck in a room with a child and told ' Here you go. Stay in here for a few days without physically injuring or molesting him!'
There isn't really a way to test it.

*yes btw, I do know my thing about the decreasing suicide rates mixed with voting was stupid*

Also a few questions. Would your government be based on debating?

On voting?

Voting seems more efficiant, so more people are happy than are not happy, and again, a much quicker American reaction time twords the rest of the world.

The decreased taxes would take a lot of people out of lower class, making America more stable.
Debate Round No. 2


The Idea with the grain is to make monopolies impossible because if they are possible all one of them would have to do is pay off the right people and they would have control.
It would be both debateing and then voting on the debate basicly.
The parents would take a written test and when they had the baby they would be watched for any signs that they would abuse the child.
Question for you
How would the people decide when to vote for the positions?


As I said, people would decide when they want change. They can send a letter to the house stating what change they would like, and the house sends it out to the people to vote on.

If people work hard enough for something they should be able to buy what they want as long as it doesn't negatively change anyone's lives.

Also, the test to decide if you can have children or not is a violation of human rights. The government controls whether you are aloud to have children or not? They shouldn't be allowed to have such immense control over our every day lives. The government does not own us.

With the system of voting, we already do this.. we debate. Not in the same way, but we do.
Also, all teachers have different opinions. Laws are made up of the voters opinions. If the teachers do not agree with the students, does that make the teachers always right and the students always wrong? An opinion can never be right or wrong.
By the way there is no such thing as fake money. Money is a form of currency. The green paper is as real as the grain idea... and even more useful than it.
Debate Round No. 3


"Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce." President James A. Garfield. Paper money has absolutely no value it is nothing but a way for the people in control of it to gain control of the people. While the grain idea might have not been the best idea it was merely an idea agianst paper money.

The government would not be centralised if you reread my idea for the government (i know it is kind of confusing) there would not be anyone with an elected or any other position besides the level of respect they get. The tests would be examined by their community. If read carefuly enough this form of government would also prevent any kind of vote miscount be it on purpose or by accident.

Teacher's evaluations would also be evaluated by the community. The teachers themselves would be put to high standerds as the training of the next generation is highly important.

In conclusion
Any government or peoples that wish to live long and prosperious need to be based on love and equality.


Listen.... This would never work for one reason. This reason is a community just can't be based on love. It doesn't work. I really do wish it could, but it simply can't. People are selfish. That's just how the world works.. and how it will always work. People are not going to follow laws just because people want them to. Equality will never work either. There is no such thing as an equal nation. People will naturally fight to have better lives. Those who don't fight will be lower in the social and economical status. The ones that don't fight won't have much.
And that fact is what makes nations grow.

People have the right to use money the way they want, as long as it doesn't count as murder. As long as it doesn't surpass the constitution of independence. As long as it isn't morally evil. Otherwise, though, they worked hard for it or somebody else did.

That is how things change. People pay for them to change. The money signifies work.
People working is what will make us a greater country. If someone works hard enough for something, they deserve to have it happen.

No one can buy whatever they want to. There is not enough money for that. Hardly anyone has enough money for that. Yes, they can get a lot out of money. But that is the price many other people and I would be willing to pay for our nation to grow. For us to get better.

Paper money does have value.
You can feed your family with it. You have more choices with it. You need medicine? You got medicine.
With a botanical system as the grain one.... you need medicine? Too bad. No one is going to work that hard to make something so hard to make for grain and fruits.

I am very happy that we have paper money. Our entire nation would collapse without it.

My nation wouldn't change. My opinion hasn't changed. My first government idea will still be my one and only government idea.

But thank you for the debate. I enjoyed speaking with you. Now the voting period has begun.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by wwwwh 7 years ago
It was not pointless... you must remember the whole point of debating is to learn not to win if you learned even the tiniest thingit was succesful.
Posted by EthicsPhilosopher 7 years ago

Nothing is happening. Feeling kind of pointless having written that entire

Oh well..
Posted by wwwwh 7 years ago
Nice to meet you to, it is important to remember that this is not the usual debate but it should help you none the less. Good luck.
Posted by EthicsPhilosopher 7 years ago
Nice to meet you, wwwwh.

This is my first debate, so apologies if I seem a little confused in the beginning.
Posted by kbub 7 years ago
THIS is the best government setup. Vermine Supreme.
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