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which one is the most important in the human life -> logic vs emotions

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Started: 3/23/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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in this chart you can say anything about topic just explain yourself and make sure that. Your answer is correctly true.


So i will be arguing my opinions on why i believe that logic is more important than emotions. With many of the topics we see these days, like abortion, we find that many of the most ignorant people (in this example pro choice people) use the emotion argument. "Oh! It's just a fetus it's not developed". Well then, what about birth defects, should we kill those? Whenever people put a chopping block somewhere after conception, we can use the same logic for adults. For example, some people think that 1 month is the cutoff where the heart has not been developed. But what about adults in a pacemaker?

We even see ignorant issues in day to day life. People always make impulsive gestures based on their emotions, never their rationality. I don't say "**** you" to someone because it's logical to, i say it because it pisses me off. That is unethical, but with logic we can determine why it's unethical. Logic does not have to unethical.

I am looking forward to this debate and your arguments. Thank you!
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Posted by Hadii 3 years ago
Do you think logic or emotion is better?
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