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white people are stupid

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Started: 1/16/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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white people are so dumb! its been scientifically proven that the average white persons brain is 6x smaller than any other race. also theyre really rude. all whites ive ever met are just like their sweet trumpimple president! they also tend to think the earth is a spherical shape, but chrstoff columbus said it is FLAT.


Pretty good meme, I'd give it a 5.5/10 for content and 7.6/10 effort
Debate Round No. 1


youre white youre just trying to make fun of me. you pasty peoples and your animes, whatevs!


Ok, ok, hold on chaps. Firstly, this response will assume that you are in fact being serious (I kinda know that you aren't) but for the sake of a good argument I will respond in a willfully ignorant manner, (to improve the meme).

Firstly, to address the logical inconsistencies and lack of evidence in your argument, I posit thus:

'scientifically proven that the average white persons brain is 6x smaller than any other race' Where is this supposed study that you base your entire argument off of? Link the study so I am able to actually examine whether or not it's a legitimate piece of research. To assume that the entirety of a race is less intelligent is absurd, you haven't taken into consideration: Education, social-class, wealth, living conditions, genetics or where that individual lives. IF, and this is a big if, you are being serious then this is no different from stating that 'all black people are criminals' or 'all immigrants live off of benefits', it is hypocritical and nonsensical.

Secondly, you state that "every white person you have met are just like their sweet trumpimple president!". This makes no sense, it's grammar is way off and you aren't making a valid rational point. Also, this is entirely anecdotal, just because every white person YOU have met is stupid, it doesn't mean that the entire race of over a billion people can be attributed with a characteristic that is assumed of a small minority. This is the precise form of 'rational' reasoning that SJWs and feminists rely on, 'I meet a tiny minority of a gender or race, therefore that entire gender or race meets my definitions and opinions of the minority that I encounter'.

Your argument isn't correct, and is in fact racist:
White people do not have an inferior intelligence, and are in fact above average in terms of national averages. The difference is mainly genetic (as the studies below suggest), thus it is dependent upon the parents, not inherently upon the race itself, thus an entire race is not inherently less intelligent than other, your argument is purely stupid, irrational assumptions. If you are white, then you are proving your own point, but if you belong to another race you are in fact making a racist assumption based off of irrational, anecdotal assumptions and one, un-verified scientific study.

If whites are 'less intelligent', then the achievements of Newton, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Darwin and Shakespeare are all particular rarities, although they are not. Of all the notable scientific, philosophical, and literary achievements over the past few centuries, almost all have been white, thus proving that whites are indeed capable of being as intelligent, if not more, than other races.

(Sorry for the short length, couldn't be bothered to write more as this is just a meme)

Sources used:
Debate Round No. 2


im not a racist sir. i am half white, mexican, and danish so HOP OFF! i studied at NASA for 3 months and we do aloot of good reaserch. im pretty sure im right because i have a high school degree in science and sociology, im taking the classes now ask anyone. anyways im studying a lot right now and i dont have enough time for youre wrong opinion on this. im a scientist and sociologist and youre just a little kid so back away from my debates because yourent educated enough for me to argue with. toodle doo!
.ps. here is the link to where i got this infromation youre mommas so dumb you have to use internet to find info, im such a smarty pants that i have an encyclopedia inside of my head that gives me any information i need, so bAM i won.
also this isnt a meme its a debate smart one.


Lol, pretty good meme I must say, I'll continue the argument because why not

Firstly, the link you provided was just an irrelevant power point with no scientific or sociological value to it, just a conglomeration of meaningless questions and baseless assumptions.

You claim to be working at NASA, and have a high-school degree in science and sociology, yet you have the grammar and spelling of 6 year old. You criticize me for not being the smart one, yer you provide no logical or reasonable argument, nor do you back up your criticisms or even address my previous point, you are only skilled in your incompetence and ineptitude.
Debate Round No. 3
17 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Nathaniel_B 3 years ago
White people (most) have high IQs. They practically built society and civilization, to say that "White people are stupid" is making a very ignorant statement.
Posted by tellytiger 3 years ago
ezpresso is a bad person. i know he knows im right but he wont make people vote for me instead of him? unfriended. jerk.
Posted by Ezpresso 3 years ago
Look at the 'research' tellytiger posted
Posted by Ezpresso 3 years ago
It's a meme
Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 3 years ago
This is the stupidest of debates I've ever seen so far.
Posted by Ezpresso 3 years ago
Nope, it was a meme, if you had seen the 'research' he posted you would have been able to comprehend that this debate was by no means a genuine one.
Posted by Ezpresso 3 years ago
Nope, it was a meme, if you had seen the 'research' he posted you would have been able to comprehend that this debate was by no means a genuine one.
Posted by Ezpresso 3 years ago
Nope, it was a meme, if you had seen the 'research' he posted you would have been able to comprehend that this debate was by no means a genuine one.
Posted by Lookingatissues 3 years ago
sotheseedsofliberty2 Response To Ezpresso's statement" firstly his argument was a meme, he wasn't being serious.
.....I never suggested that this debate was any thing but what it was, a "debate," stating one possible position of a debate.
No one can state what the motivation of the author were when submitting the supposition,
"white people are stupid..."
I just offered one of many other possible perspectives on this debate.
You responded," Secondly, your argument isn't valid today, you can't assume that a race of the modern era is the same as that of 150 years ago...
sotheseedsoflibery2.... Why would I or anyone think that the citizens of 150 years ago were identical in their perspectives as the citizens of today, that would be like saying that the soldier in the thick of s battle was the same as the citizen who was far removed from the actual battle that the soldier was involved in. Slavery 150 years ago was effecting all citizens lives that were living then not just something to be studied as part of the Countries past history and politicized as has been done today.
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Vote Placed by Arganger 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: "aloot" "chrstoff" constantly not capitalizing sentences. Pro also made many unfounded and ridiculus statements such as, "its been scientifically proven that the average white persons brain is 6x smaller than any other race"

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