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white supremacy(con) or fit supremacy (pro), which is more important now?

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Started: 7/4/2016 Category: People
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Far too many people bully fat people than they bully black people. While white still reign supreme in some areas, still over the entire world the fit reign over the unfit. Sports and jocks are nearly popular in every system.


To clarify before the viewers of this debate,

Lord Megatron argues that "fit" supremacy ideals are more prevalent than white supremacy ideals, a stance I see a fault in. My first argument will come in the form of a clarification on the terms of "fit" and "unfit" that Lord Megatron has used in his opening statement.

Unfit could be interpreted many different ways, two of which I shall be touching upon today. "Still over the entire world the fit reign over the unfit". In this statement from Lord Megatron, his would seem to be quite obvious. The "fit" rule over those that are deemed "unfit" to reign over other, and this obvious statement would seem quite unnecessary to make if it wasn"t for another meaning that Lord Megatron denoted to the word. I think my opponent is trying to say that unfit refers to those who are over/ underweight and/or do not meet the ideal body standards prescribed by society. Throughout my further responses I shall continue to relate unfit with physique.

When my opponent says "far too many people bully fat people, than they bully black people", not only is this statement lacking sufficient evidence, it is also lacking complete relation to the debate at hand. Bullying, does not in any way relate to being supreme over another population, nor does it have any relation to reigning over one another.
What Lord Megatron is doing, is comparing a racial prejudice problem, versus a problem that the entirety of the population on Earth can experience. However this would thus seem as if my opponent is right with his statement, we have yet to see proper evidence for his claim. However this would get into a racial argument, it is clear that whites still reign more over other racial groups as simplified by the concept of "White Privilege". This is proven by facts showing that White people are less likely to be arrested, more likely to "fit" in at a job and get called back, and are more likely to make headlines if noticed missing. {}. All these facts prove that white supremacy ideals still exist, and are in working (although in some cases sub-consciously), and we have yet to see one fact backing up your outrageous claim.

My last point will be that when you mention that "sports and jocks" are more popular than "unfit" (in this case assuming you mean those that are not up to societies physical standards) I am left flabbergasted at how you relate popularity to reigning over someone and supremacy. All throughout history it is shown that to be supreme and to reign over others, one doesn"t necessarily need to be popular or "liked". And the "nearly every system" part of your claim is also as far sought as the rest, there are many systems where those who excel at school are more liked than those who excel at the sports aspect, looking for example at China where those who dominate academically also dominate socially.{}. Now I am not saying that those who are classified as Jocks cannot excel academically, but it is more common for those classified as Jocks to also be classified as having less academic strength.

Hereby I would like to ask my opponent for his rebuttal, and would like to summarize my argument. I have argued that due to improper defining and usage of vocabulary the premises of your opening statement are unclear. I have also argued that popularity, and bullying, have little to do with supremacy. My main point of argument was that from my opponents side there was zero evidence to back up his claims, and that actually there is more evidence in this argument that supports the viewpoint that white supremacy still exists in today"s society, be it sub-conscious or not.
I eagerly await your response,

Debate Round No. 1


Concession because I don't wish to provide evidence.


I would like to thank my opponent for the opportunity to argue this topic.
Vote Con due to Pro's concession.
Debate Round No. 2


Victory, for con, for now.
Too bad I retired from research debates.


Indeed a pity, would have been a nice topic to argue about.
Thank you for bringing the topic up though, and for giving me the chance to debate it with you.
- Oibaf
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by lord_megatron 2 years ago
@DaMagickDragon if you wish to argue to whites thinking they are superior to other races is a bigger problem than the fit being superior to the unfit, then okay.
@Bennet Unfit people can sometimes be far more intelligent than fit people. Albert Einstein wasn't known to be an athlete, was he?
Posted by DaMagickDragon 2 years ago
I am willing to argue about having pride in the white race however not supremacy per se please respond if you are good with that
Posted by Bennett91 2 years ago
Unfit literally means you shouldn't be in charge. Why would anyone want the unfit to reign?
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