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who we are? what is happening to us

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Started: 4/11/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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i don't really know but sometimes i feel like we don't feel others we just feel our body
i know its just a topic a garbage for someone who don't really like to read but someday you think you are special and some day you think you are nothing for this world,i don't care if we live in a dream or its just a stimulation but who we really are if there is a god
ok wait if we are in our dreams this means after death we are in our real world so we really meet with god after death oh wait what just i say does god exist sure but not in dreams in real life god exists not in this cruel world full of fake and bad peoples where we are just a toy for someone
life starts as a child then start schooling, after completing studies find some better job for living then marriage then kids , are we living in a loop or this whole universe set in a loop by someone who made human
and you know what someone who created us is very clever suspect know we never find the answers because our future is written by someone who is intelligent than human race like a drama we are for someone who see us from sky like a mirror



I agree to almost everything you say.

We are on a flat Earth and the controllers of this atmosphere are outside the sky as well as inside/beneath our Earth underground. the outer edge is Antarctica and inner circle (the centre is where you find the underground kingdom) is the North Pole.

NASA and Roscosmos are among the group who are corrupt and like to guard the edges (where the true dome, which is bigger than the sky you see, meets Antarctica).

This is a semi-simulated reality. The sky is simulated and a lot of science you are taught in schools including macroevolution are lies that you are bullied into thinking just as we were bullied into denying them before (yes, ironic). The world runs on peer pressure and groupthink and those that question it are branded mentally ill if they do it too fast and hard.

Take your time, question the world and reality slowly and the truth will come to you also. In time I will reveal who I am and convince the world of the truth. Perhaps I won't win, perhaps I will. I don't really care.
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Posted by 2far4u2CharlesDarwin 3 years ago
What advice would one give to a person? As it's all been said before. Well, the best advice I ever got was if you have dug yourself a hole that deep that with all force you just can't toss the dirt out of the hole as to go deeper. dig some steps to get yourself out as you can always go back down into that hole any old time you like to have a look. The rear vision mirror of life is rarely as it could or it should have been. So don't bother with the rear vision mirror unless you have a shovel to dig your way up out of your way down or to dig your way down to find your way up.

Peace be with you.
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