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why I am ignorant to this debate

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Started: 10/16/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The kind gentleman above felt it necessary it would appear to insult my ability to debate Donald Trumps political stance, Making the claim that I was ignorant to this subject, I would like him to explain exactly what makes me unqualified to debate the subject when the topic is simply a matter of objective opinion supported by hard evidence which I interpreted.


Firstly, Your argument that Donald Trump is a "fascist" is preposterous. I am assuming you're playing devil's advocate by saying this and truly don't believe that. Nonetheless, If you do, Please state your claims that reason Donald Trump to be a "fascist. "

Secondly, I see that on your account it says you are 15 years old. I can infer that you're not even mentally able to understand politics as the majority of teenagers don't, The exact reason not until eighteen you can't vote. So with that being said, I am fully prepared for ignorant claims to be made by you.
Debate Round No. 1


Fist of all for the benefit of the people commenting I shall link the debate in question.
https://www. Debate. Org/debates/Donald-Trump-is-a-facist-or-his-works-eventualy-will-lead-to-a-facist-nation/1/

I feel like the main points that can be made are about Donald Trump are being made in the comments, User masterful is write to point out that Hitler was a national socialist, Honestly I am as annoyed as you are that many on the left fail to remember this so I make sure address this in my argument. However I must also add that only the Nazis economic policies were socialist, In other words there are fair comparisons to be made between them and Mr Trump in other categories. Antifa takes it to far, And we must be wary of authoritarianism as it has been proven to lead only to suffering in the end.

Considering that my previous opponent has evidently abandoned our previous debate I will be quite happy to continue my argument here; I would like to point out the excellent points from carefettes and armoredcat, As they have summarised my ideas perfectly, Donald Trump is appealing to the same sentiments that saw the rise of the great fascist powers, Not simply ideas of patriotism, I am patriotic to a greater or lesser extent, But he appeals to the idea that it is the fault of others that the US is not as great as it once was. The main motive for votes for him was fear, Fear of all sorts of things but most importantly fear of uncontrolled migration, It was the same with Brexit and its the same here; now having a sensible border policy is perfectly reasonable, But Trump has taken this a step to far by pulling us into the domain of Identity politics; to put it more simply, Trump has popularised the idea that being American is mutually exclusive with being a Latino or Muslim. We have seen this in his quotes and policies, For example his labelling of Mexicans as murderers and rapists, His many repeated claims that Muslims cheered at 9/11 ECT. . .

I was going to save that point for my other debate but as that seems to have been abandoned by my competitor I simply ask you to read that debate as I have taken effort to break down Donald trump in direct comparison to the Fascist manifesto by Mussolini.

I am rather offended by the attack on my character merely for expressing my conclusions, But I would like to make it clear that my age has nothing to do with my ability to see and interpret facts, I have been dedicating myself politics since I was 10 years old and from what I have gathered things work differently here than in the US, Our school system allows us to specialise into our chosen subjects far sooner and I have gone down the academic path we are offered, I have seen many protests and speeches, I chaired my schools debate team for 2 years before I had to stand down to focus on my studying. I have penpals from as far as China, Their perspectives and experiences in life are something to learn from. If I were in Scotland I would be able to vote on whether or not my country left a 400 year old political union in just 6 months, So I think that personally speaking you should be sure to keep such sweeping statements to yourself in the future unless you can back them up with evidence; by the way I doubt that you have located any particular fountains of knowledge in the two years of life you have over me.

If you want to continue this debate past this round I am more than willing to create another debate following this one.


zayugh forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by IsaiahWOod23 3 years ago
Im 15 years old, But i understand this much
obama sucks
Posted by carefettes 3 years ago
Trump would be pretty close to fascist - he'd probably support corporatism or at least hyperpluralism if it was a feasible goal in the USA.

There's a difference between being nationalistic and being patriotic. Nationalism would include seeing one's country and ethnic group as superior - extreme forms of nationalism are dangerous; it played a part in the beginnings of both world wars. I support patriotism, But not necessarily nationalism; it paves the way for anti-American sentiment outside the US and cruelty inside the US (which we're already seeing the first steps toward with the "tent cities" in which deportees are held and separated from their children, Much like the ones Jews, Gypsies, And LGBT people were held in during WW2).
Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
Actually the left exclusively suppresses freedom of speech.
Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
[1] Any leader who is not pro nationalism is a traitor.
[2] How has Trump removed your personal freedoms?
[3] Hitler was apart of the national SOCIALIST German workers party, It would appear the left can also become fascists, Especially when one considers 'antifa' suppress freedom of speech.
Posted by armoredcat 3 years ago
Trump is close to fascist if not fascist

Nationalism - Check

Authoritarianism - Check

Right-Wing - Check

Corporatist - No but whether that's a fundamental aspect of fascism is debatable
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