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why do car manufactures continue to make cars which use fosil fuels?

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Started: 10/31/2013 Category: Cars
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Why do main car manufactures such as ford continue to make cars which rely on fossil fuels? Should they be trying to find more environmentaly friendly ways to power them instead? As part of a citizenship task need to try and get other peoples opinion on the matter in order to build up a strong case.


Thank you for the opportunity to debate this topic. I've been waiting for one that only gives me an hour to write a response.

I'll give you both sides: Why we don't, as well as why we shouldn't.

Why we don't: Money. It's really as simple as that. Nobody in power cares that much about the environment. Maybe this is pessimistic, but it's really fairly true. You'd think that with all these CEO's behind the production of these "green" cars, you'd think the prices would go down, so everyone could afford it and thus lead to a faster positive impact on the environment. So why hasn't this happened yet? Because the hole in the ozone layer doesn't compare to the almighty dollar.

Why we shouldn't*: "Green" cars are not really all that green. First of all, electricity typically runs from fossil fuels anyways. Of course, there are always different methods. There's wind power, solar energy... so how exactly do we handle the manufacturing and upkeep of these methods? Fossil fuels. The power plants that run these will run on fossil fuels is the same way. Even worse... the environmental costs to producing cars that run on solar power on a wide scale is 23,000 times more harmful than CO2. Although some studies find that these electric cars are less harmful to the environment, they only take into account the actual driving of the car. Everything that goes into making it and handling it is astonishing. At least three studies found that overall, electric cars are either worse or no better for the environment than gas-powered cars. At this rate, why spend the energy on creating electric cars (which are just as bad in different areas) when we could focus on encouraging biking or walking?

I'm not some right-wing lunatic who's against bettering the environment. I am, however, a realist. I'm not gonna plug my ears and just say, "Na-na-na, electric cars are better! Na-na-na!" We have to look at these options and think realistically, "Well, that's alright, but how is this hurting the environment? What can we do better?" This is what we have to do if we have any hopes of bettering the environment.

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Posted by ProtusMose 5 years ago
How do you debate a question?
Posted by Epiphron 5 years ago
Well considering oil companies pretty much have all the money and power, and patents they will do all they can to keep any car that doesn't run off of fossil fuels off the market. As long as oil is around, and it is profitable to those said companies thats what we will drive.
Posted by Cool_Screen_Name 5 years ago
What is your argument here? Are you against manufacturers producing cars which use fossil fuels? or are you pro towards them?
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