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why do people hate Muslims even though they are innocent?!?

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Started: 3/12/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I'm a Muslim woman and everywhere around me, i see Muslims being criticized. i'm still young but i do know my religion and even i get looked and stared and for just wearing a hijab. i know that our status in society isn't great because of all the terrorist attacks and i don't blame you for hating them.... because i hate them too! but tell me why innocent Muslims are picked on, its not our fault. we want it to stop too. Islam doesn't teach us to be violent and go around killing innocent people. Islam teaches us to make peace with each other. for my whole life all i have ever wanted is to be treated fairly, but somehow Muslims who have done nothing wrong get looked down upon. they get acids thrown in their face, they get their hijabs pulled off their heads, they are verbally and physically abused. tell me that this isn't right. you wouldn't like it if all this was happening to you just because of your religion or ethnicity. Everyday i hear racist comments about Muslims, hey its not our fault that all these attacks are happening. these people who attack are crazy and psychotic. they don't know what they are doing and i hope they use their brains and see sense. all i am asking is to spread peace and love for everyone whether they are Muslims, Christians, atheist or whatever. i respect every other religion, i don't go around saying your religion is wrong and you should be banned because the people who say these things are the people who should be banned. they are hate preachers and all they do is spread hate. i have a feeling that by the time it is 2020, this society will be destroyed, everyone will hate each other for the wrong reasons. innocent Muslims are not the enemy. we have all got a common enemy so why don't you just stop abusing innocent people and do something that will stop the attacks. banning Muslims is not the answer. i have a life here, i have a family here and i hope to have a good future here. you wouldn't like it if you worked really hard for something then some misunderstanding in society rips it away from you when you have nothing to do with the attacks. all i am saying is that just show some love even if it is just smiling at someone because some times it can make a huge difference to somebody. i know it would to me. so stop blaming Islam for every wrong thing that happens, and like they say, there is always two sides to a story. you have only heard one side, why don't you listen to the other side....
thank you for reading!!! xxxx
#Muslims are not the enemy !


They skydive into buildings, and blow crap up
Debate Round No. 1


why stereotype? not all Muslims are like that. you would never see me dropping a bomb onto a building. i wouldn't even do it if i had a gun held up to my head. i hate ISIS just as much as you. people who do bomb buildings and kill innocent people aren't even Muslims. they have been lead to the wrong path and i hope to see them burn in hell and suffer like the innocent people have suffered. yes they need to pay for what they have done...but tell me what i have done wrong. nothing. everyday i get up and try to lead a successful life. there is a very small proportion of people who just so happen to be Muslims who do attack others. these people are sad, they haven't got a life...remember that INNOCENT MUSLIMS who have done nothing wrong ARE NOT THE ENEMY.
thank you xx
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Posted by 2far4u2CharlesDarwin 3 years ago

With "i hate ISIS just as much as you. people who do bomb buildings and kill innocent people aren't even Muslims. they have been lead to the wrong path and i hope to see them burn in hell"

What the hell has existences creator got to do with extremists? nothing.
We the minority of the world know this. The majority of the world do not.

Corporate medias hype that has inspired all with a heightened sense of awareness.
So acts of infamies somehow sell the most news papers and somehow does the same on the idiot box with breaking news events but there's always just enough time to advertise another corporate logo before the world blows up.
Posted by Xantog 3 years ago
Oh good God, the reply to her essay is comical, love it hahaha!
Posted by 2far4u2CharlesDarwin 3 years ago
It's just fundamental principles that create the missing link and it's JUST fundamental principles that are the missing link.
Religions and beliefs has had its place in time to be the leading rule for the people by the people and it just isn't the structures created for worship that it was and should be. Religion and beliefs over time corrupt their own fundamental principles, when they try to become a governing force. People then break away and create their own governing rule. All religions and beliefs belong between the governing rule for the people and with the peoples credibility.

I will for the sake of it address to the infamies acts of the IRA or the KKK that murdered civilians and called themselves freedom fighters. This is based upon latest history throughout Europe. That is still hidden under the carpet when the corporate media didn't have the freedom of information upon the internet to contend with.

Is ISIS or Al Qaeda the act of another IRA or another KKK? That is the question you need to ask.
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