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why do we need anime?

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Started: 2/20/2018 Category: People
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Anime is cool! People watch anime and read manga around the world, and no one cares about your opinion that Japanese trash sucks.


Anime sends an extremely bad message to the children of the world. Anime goes directly against good Christian values, such as pagan worship and defying the good word of Jesus Christ. Pornographic anime, which I am told is called hentai, often features extremely disproportionate breasts, tentacle penetration, and many more otherworldly Satanist sexual behaviors. As I am told by certain people who enjoy such things (not myself), hentai often also sometimes features sexual acts with anthropomorphic cartoon animals. I definitely do not partake in any deviant sexual behaviors, but even if I did I would still consider it immoral. If I did enjoy any form of self pleasure while observing these pornographic images (which I do not), it would most likely cause a rift in my marriage. Mary Anne has stayed by me through thick and thin, hard and easy, destitution and prostitution, hits of cocaine and times of rain, times of anal and times of banal, but I do not believe she would stand for this. If she were to find out that I theoretically was looking at animated Japanese breasts (which I am not), she would pack up and leave faster than my father did after he saw me oogling my sister. My father was a good man at heart. He was emotional, but was never allowed to let it out in his childhood. He was also repressed sexually, and as I was told, had a dong the size of a field mouse. When he met my mother, she loved him, but he did not provide the girth or length that she required. I will not go in to what happened next, as it is a sad tale that involves a tube sock and multiple trips to the hospital. Neither of them were the same again. But I digress. Mary Anne, my wife of many days, was raised in a pig farm. Her parents stayed in the house, and she was the pig keeper, staying in the small house they built for the servants a long time before. In my youth, I would occasionally sneak over and smear a pig with lard. She would spend hours trying to grab and corral it, but her efforts were fruitless. She would have to try to keep the pig within the limits of her property, else it be shot and eaten by Old Man Murphy, the oddly attractive bum that camped out behind the ravine. She never thought it was funny. Alas, those times of youth are behind me now. As we grew older, she eventually fell for me. I won't tell that tale either, as it involves a jar of mayonnaise and a thimble. But I digress. We enjoyed many months of happiness until our honeymoon in Saudi Arabia. This, of course, all happened before the war.

But that's a story for another day, involving extreme flaccidity, a box of Viagra, and strawberry flavored lube.

What I'm trying to say, kid, is that if I were to indulge in the wonderful (but tasteless) world of succulent anime women, I would be going directly against the teachings of good ol' J.C. And if anyone were to see this and foolishly deduce that I am looking at anime tiddies (which I am most certainly not), I would lose all that I have worked for in my wife and my farmhouse. If I lost my furniture, I would lose my couch cushions, and with them my sexual outlet.

In conclusion, I do not agree with the Satanist teachings of anime, even though I wish I could.

I look forward to hearing your points.
Debate Round No. 1


it's not that the anime promotes all sorts of crap. What can be born in the head of micro-individuals from a distant planet Japan, people with eyes that do not look like a minus, it's just a brain blow. "How could you even think of such a thing?" And this applies not only to the anime, but to the entire Azian media culture, but despite all the ongoing drug addiction, intestines and nude furies, on the whole, each plot carries a positive meaning. For example, Naruto loved justice, friendship and Sasuke. Teacher Inozuko, although it seemed a pervert, but laid in the minds of students only the right moral values. The Death Note was a graphic illustration of what a boundless power and a notebook can do to a ruler. In general, I personally let the meager male teardrop on these cartoons more often than on serious dramatic films. I know that most of those who hate anime do not even watch it, "because cartoons are for children." And these are also strange ... By the way, there is a common opinion that all people who watch anime are such dastardly dystrophic creatures who just do that they masturbate for 2d chan (for hentai). I can tell you from personal experience, it really is (no). People themselves choose which genres of anime to watch. And all because anime is pruned on a huge number of genres (hentai). There are sportsmen, schoolchildren, bullies, ninjas, zombies, vampires, titans, robots, scientists, about love, fantasy, philosophy, science, about naked grandfather, pastry cookies, geeks, past, future, even about the battle of asses and many other. I think everyone can find something to their liking. Moreover, when viewing a disclaimer is shown that the given work of art is not intended for persons up to a certain age.
(PS thanks to Google translator for translation ^ _ ^)


Oh sweet summer child.... how naive and blessed with innocence your argument becomes. Let me tell you a story about how anime has hurt me...

I took my wife, Mary Anne, on honeymoon in Saudi Arabia. A freak break dancing accident left us without passports and pregnant in the middle of the east. We became pilgrims, not in search of gold or riches, but in search of ourselves. During a trek across the Caucasus, we ran into an old German man by the name of Herr Yusifi Krakowski. He turned to us, and stoically said:

"Wir vertrauen auf den Herrn von ganzem Herzen. Selbst wenn Kinder alt sind, beginnen sie nie ihre Reise. Wissen, Weisheit, Disziplin, Furcht vor dem Herrn und Dummheit. Kannst du eine edle Frau finden? Diese Rubine sind sehr wertvoll."

Of course, this can be difficult to get your head around, so a good way to paraphrase it is:

"Anmut! Sogar Kinder sind junger, sie reisen nicht. Wissen, Wissen, Disziplin, Angst und Korruption von Gott. Hast du eine edle Frau gesehen? Alle Rubine sind nutzlich."

I hope this explains my argument concisely and clearly. I have lived by these words my entire life.
Debate Round No. 2


as you have already guessed, i don`t really understand your quote or whatever, but if I'm not mistaken, it's entirely possible that your arguments are not entirely correct and murderous, because when you talk about only one topic of pornography in anime, you will not achieve anything. I want to say that in order to give arguments, you should not look at the topic from your own subjective point of view and adhere to religions. This concludes my introduction.
Anime differs from the rest of this type of art adaptation in that they are all united by a good and well-studied plot that can be stretched to 700 series (Naruto 1 season-200, second season-500) or the same Tokyo ghoul (2 seasons in 12 series)
If to sum up, then I seriously do not see any objective reasons for that you can fiercely hate anime except subjective and banal flavors of the type "I do not like big eyes."


Let me preface this by saying that I take extreme offense to your quip about my argument being murderous. A long time ago, I killed a man with an argument. I have never been the same since, and had to restrain all further arguments. In fact, I am only on this site for anger management practice. As for the religion part, the word of the Latvian Orthodox church has changed my life forever. Again, I recommend reading the holy texts in German to fully understand the spiritual aspect and feel Jesus take you from behind. This concludes my bintrobuction.
You state that anime has a well studied plot line. Anime is about as well studied as my wife, Mary Anne, when she was still chasing the larded pigs and had yet to receive a proper education. The plot lines are incoherent drivel. As I mentioned before, the impact anime has on children is immeasurable. My son Billy was never the same after ordering his body pillow waifu and fleshlight. He used to enjoy going outside and playing ball, but now he is holed up in his room, watching anime and beating his meat to the point of tenderization. The expansive world of anime draws children in like the Pied Piper. Watching my son fall victim to the mind controlling animated diarrhea anime has destroyed me and left me poor and destitute. It was the worst thing to happen to me since my honeymoon in Saudi Arabia.
I bow at the end of this argument to commemorate Billy and his fallen comrades. I also bow to hope to convince the masses to vote for me. Go with God, and God shall go with you.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by jambiqq 3 years ago
pro= sweet summer child
Posted by help_me_please 3 years ago
There is an anime for christians, it shows the story of Jesus Christ.
Posted by MythacalKat 3 years ago
Posted by ItsYaBoiV2 3 years ago
I think i found some new copypasta but godamn u got destroyed
Posted by Minddagger 3 years ago
i like anime, but pro got wreked
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