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why is esports is a sport

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Started: 11/21/2017 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Gaming has nothing to do with an actual sport. Gamers are not athletes at all they shouldn't be considered atheletes or be payed anywhere close to what professional atheletes make. For something to be a sport there needs to be physical work happening there's nothing physical about sitting in a chair and playing on your desktop.


I"d like to thank my opponent, and I will debate from the Pro side which stands that E-Sport is a sport.

First, I"d like to assert that "sport" is a recreational activity whereby a person partakes as an individual or a team to compete against an opposition, in a match of skill, speed, strength, strategy, and tactics.

Now let me highlight some characteristics of E-sports which bear some resemblance to real-life sports.

Competition: E-sport players have to compete with their opponents to win a match, just like football, racing etc.

Skills and activities: E-sport players need a high level of tactical understanding and constant practice to win a match, especially in strategy games like League of Legends and DOTA. And scientists at the German Sports University have conducted a study of E-Sport players and it demonstrates that players are exposed to physical strains similar to those of normal athletes (1). Another study has shown that video game players did significantly better in basic motor skills, such as precision, aiming, speed, dexterity and movement coordination (2). So it's safe to assume that many E-sport players are exposed to physical activities to some extent in training and competitions.

Trianing: Players work as part of a team and have tough training regimes. They also worked on things like healthy eating, sleeping enough and daily physical exercises (3). Some teams are trained by sports coaches, and sports psychologists.

Rules and Regulations: Just like normal sports, E-sports have its own rules and regulations developed by World Esports Association or WESA. The association brings traditional sports rulings to E-sport.

So in conclusion, I believe that E-Sport is a form of sport which shares many characteristics of real-life sports.

I hope to see my opponent"s arguments in the next round.

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Posted by 2SidedPolygon 1 year ago
Why to people debate semantics? It's a waste of time.
Posted by Simple_Logic 2 years ago
Sport is a form of competition

Sport requires dexterity and skill to compete at a challenge with others
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
why is esport is not a sport!!!

No physical exertion when you are clicking buttons on the couch while downing a bag of potato chips and sucking back a syrupy soda.
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