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why is the world of god like this lets seriously debate and decide the winner

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Started: 4/11/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I prove only truth.

my truth is here of being original torah and last torah genie and original son of jewish god.

Every gods rules through genies and genies power works only when they are true in anything as they loose from any truth if some more truth is then them.

What about the world of god living of gods creation they act on every understanding and thinking and thoughts and dreams and if they come to know anything which blocks there mind then to keep there mind clean they keep there mind clean and even same thing to genies without mind who are fake genies of original genie.

So you decide world of god is real or fake and if any genie is lie then they loose from other genies who is more true then them.

So do you think the world of god of all religions in the world is true or fake ? if it is not true and i win then end all religions of god and gods with there genies and all there creations of religion except jewish religion and my religion.

When genies power works with any truth which has no more truth then the previous truth then it proves truth is nothing but just thinking of humans or of anyone in the real universe dream and its dream and the world of god of all religions is dream for humans.


God is real. There is only one God, and he began everything. Something had to create the first thing. If you do not believe in God, what created everything? The Big Bang? what created that? God. God is the starting of all things, and he will be the one to end all things.

There is only one God. He controls everything, and he sent us to earth so we could worship him. There must be exactly one God. If there was two equally powerful Gods, then they would argue, and nothing would ever get done. If there were infinite Gods, and one controlled another, and so on and so on, then nothing would ever get done. It would be an endless chain of Gods. So yes, there is exactly one god.

God is the all powerful. He created everything. He made every thing perfect, the shape, the orbit, the temperature of everything in the universe. it is not only chance that everything came out perfectly. Even the greatest scientists have been confused by how complicated everything is. A universe can technically have thing almost magically popping out of nowhere or disappearing, that all of these laws of nature do not have to exist. But they do, and God created them.

God Must Exist!
Debate Round No. 1


i am talking about the world of god of genies where who are world of god sees gods but humans dont see god.

dont you think the world of god is completely on truth of humans and if any genie is true then he have power of truth with which genie controls humans.

if god was true then his world would have controlled humans through there power of truth but not by knowing truth from humans through humans thinking.

so you tell me why the world of god is like this when gods and prophets declared god is real and everything happens by god. you proof that you are true with evidence.

if humans dont believe in god or take name of god can genies of god control humans ? genies will be able to control humans only when any humans believe in gods by confirming genies are true and there power will work. So if genies are not true then will there power works ? genies will proof they are true through any memories of past but can genie power works without proving they are true and just by believing in there god ? the answer is no.

the world of god controls humans by proving they are true and then only there power works on humans if genies are unable to proof they are not true then there power doesnt works on humans and they use power of any truth of humans to win from humans by declaring there god is real and true.

if humans prooved existence of genies and make genies wrong by declaring humans are not property of god then the world of god will force humans to loose and force them to even sin so they are in control of them.

you decide if the world of god is real why its not real for humans.

the great story of all times in history from past. current and future remains active and alive so lets investigate what is truth in this story which i am going to tell you about adam of holy books of big religions.

adam was created by god and god said him not to sin and god knew everything for humans is happened by genies who makes time of humans in advance or on there thinking or dream. So adam think bad on ugly looking thing or adam think bad for few seconds on god before doing sin which was just imagination for few seconds as he felt it because of seeing or hearing ugly thing or just an imagination. and immediately genie who listened his thinking make his time for doing sin and adam sinned and adam didnt know about genies that they make time of anyone when anyone thinks bad on god or thinking bad ugly things. So do you think adam sinned or adam sinned because of genie who controlled him to sin by making his sin time. If adam knew about genies he would have told god that he has not sinned by his own decision and he was in control of genie whose power works with any truth whether be it fake truth or original truth. Adam god understands talking from mind and adam didnt proofed he sinned because of genies because he didnt see genie or hear genie and adam was guilt from mind and said he did sin and god hear his mind voice and declared adam is sinner. So did god knew adam is not sinner and adam has sinned because of genie. If there are any genies who are sleeping in graves they can test what i am saying practically to know about there gods.
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by uzairmahmud 3 years ago
I abandoned this argument because i think that the opponent is high.
Posted by VOP 3 years ago
Torah? Genie? Jewish God? Genie?
Dude, you are high.
Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
Define genie without sounding delusional.
Posted by SirHarrison0 3 years ago
hes retarded and thinks hes the son of god. just ignore him
Posted by qwzx 3 years ago
What? I have no idea what you are trying to say here.
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