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why is there something, rahter than nothing?

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Started: 8/12/2017 Category: Religion
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nothing cant be, so things simply are. reality has no beginning and no end, it didnt come from nothing like religion claims


I am forced to complete 3 debates in order to obtain "voting privileges" - and with that, I Accept your challenge and will take the stance of Con in this debate.

Due to the lack of a format I am requesting that (in the comments, or through DM) you, as the instigator, provide the outline for this debate in how we treat the remainder of our rounds.

There is no forfeiture through no argument for my R1- I fully accept and am only using this round as an "Acceptance"

Good luck, and thank you (again) for posting this challenge. I look forward to this exchange of information.
Debate Round No. 1


I offer your R2 case as an example of 'Nothing'

"no" 'thing' and "some" 'thing' are modern symbolic/linguistic interpretations for our culture on the nature of Duality.

To exist on this "plane of 'things'"you must adhere to the Laws of Duality, for it is the fundamental structure in which all 'things' are - In order to merely claim that "some" 'thing' is "something" is the acknowledge the polar concept that you existed in a moment through time in which this 'thing' was equivalent to void in the same space. It is as equal to seeing light as intervals of darkness (and vice versa).

For a modern practical application - think of our understanding of 'thing' If we limit it to a scientific interpretation we call it "matter" - and in the same universe that holds "matter" it also holds "anti-matter" - (gravity/anti-gravity - negative wave interference, etc...)

(I believe you get the picture)
Debate Round No. 2


is anti matter nothing?


"is anti-matter a thing?" (beautiful rebuttal question)

Haha, I like your style (but will play along)

It is all going to depend on "how far do you want to take it?" Across the electromagnetic spectrum there exists an incredible array of frequencies, and we humans have our limits on what we can perceive within it. To keep going further - Try to dissolve a Western concept of the "I" and try to see if you can perceive a reality in which the 'background' plays just an equal part to the item in motion. Blending the two to create one whole (old Eastern concept) where the background and foreground work hand in hand (yin and yang). They are polar extremes, yet bound to each other for existence - when does 'it' start to become a 'thing'? As the circle? or with each half? The boundaries are clear and there exists a polar opposite to 'it'.

What we call "some" "thing" is inherently limited to the maximum perception range a human is capable on the electromagnetic spectrum. Whilst it exists, so does its polar opposite - "no" "thing" to define its boundaries (both of them put together create...I don't know...existence? reality?). Energy has 2 'states of being' - On and Off. Is one merely the interrupted frequencies of the other? Do both not exist? Aren't both complete harmonic opposites of each other? Is there harmony and balance when the two are functioning? - If yes...

...then if there is "some" "thing" - there is inherently ("some" where...and quite literally located "no" where) "no" "thing"

These words are symbols - that's it. They do not 100% describe in full depth whatever "thing" we are mentioning. We have limits to understanding and perception (by nature) yet when talking of deep deep deep deep concepts that deal with the cosmic creators (whomever they may/may not be) you cannot forget that (as a human) there is a natural limit to understanding. Trust in the balances and you will see that whatever laws apply for the micro, so does the macro - "As above, so below" (as some call it)

(So to specifically counter-rebuttal your only rebuttal) Anti-matter is only letters and symbols representing that which is in harmonic polarity with matter. (the context of the example I listed) As our current scientific interpretation of a "thing" is - matter, so anti-matter is "no" thing. It is the exact opposite of its counter part.
Debate Round No. 3
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well i think its kind of the same as asking how
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Why is the debate a Why motion? What are you standing for?
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