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women living in the middle east have no rights

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Started: 6/5/2014 Category: Society
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Women living in the middle east currently can not drive or have the freedom of wearing what they want and they deserve that. We have already established that women deserve rights as much as men do and they are not weak or vulnerable thus they are capable of doing the same things that men do.


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for accepting this debate- it's my first

I have basically already said my argument but when I went to Saudi Arabia two years ago, I saw how much women were restrained. You couldn't leave the house without a man by your side. What I meant when I said that women are capable of doing things that men could do, I meant things like leaving the house by yourself.


My opponent's resolution: Women living in the Middle East have no rights.

My opponent has provided no evidence to support his resolution. As of now, he has not met his burden of proof. However, to make things easier, I will accept the BoP. If I can show that women living in the Middle East have at least one right, I negate my opponent's resolution.

I could argue that they have human rights, but that is not necessary. My opponent has shown in his Round 1 that he is referring to legal rights, so I'll stick with that.

Here's my argument in a syllogism:

P1: Israel is part of the Middle East.
P2: Women in Israel have rights.
C: Women in the Middle East have rights.

P1: Israel is part of the Middle East.
This isn't hard. Israel is part of the Middle East. [1][2][3]

P2: Women in Israel have rights.
Women in Israel have the "right to equality in employment, education, health, environmental quality, and social welfare."[4] Israel's parliament established a committee to "prevent discrimination, combat violence against women, and promote equality in politics, lifecycle events and education."[5]

Here is a woman proudly holding her temporary Israeli driver's license[6]

Here is an Israeli woman posing for an Israeli government sponsored photoshoot[7][8]

Here is a beach scene in Israel[9]

Conclusion: Women in the Middle East have rights. The resolution is negated.


Debate Round No. 2


The title of this debate is based on perspective.

The definition of rights: something that is morally correct, just or honourable [1]

Arguably some women in the middle east are not happy with their status and feel rather uncomfortable about their position in middle eastern society. [2] That is not morally correct which goes against their rights according to the above definition.


[2] 'Women were seen as wives, daughters, mothers- not as individuals... I've experienced it myself in Saudi minor royals, Afghan warlords and Iranian clerks: you are invisible, you don't matter, your voice doesn't count, it is embarrassing to treat you seriously.' - Kate Adie in Fighting on the Home Front

In conclusion, if you see rights more morally, women don't have these rights.


My opponent has attempted to change the meaning of the resolution by appealing to the moral definition of "right", as in "right and wrong." This makes sense neither in the way the resolution is stated, nor in the context Pro provides in R1 when he complains about Middle Eastern women's freedom to drive and dress. Pro was obviously arguing in the context of the second definition:

"a moral or legal entitlement to have or do something."[1]

The happiness or comfort of Middle Eastern women is not being debated here. Neither is it being debated that Middle Eastern women are treated morally, justly, or honorably (although my arguments could possibly apply to that as well). The issue being debated here is whether women living in the Middle East have rights, such as driving and dressing as they please. My opponent has all but conceded the debate by not attempting a rebuttal of my argument.

Thank you, Pro, for an interesting debate. Thank you, voters, for your time and consideration.


Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Mao_Souvlaki 7 years ago
It's not that women in the Middle East don't have rights. Every person in the world has rights. People just think they don't have rights since women there aren't participating in activities like what other women do outside of the Middle East. And with the way the argument is written, it has a kind of negative tone to it. Who are we to say that we women in the Middle East aren't happy with the way things are there? What if wearing hijabs for them signifies their love for their culture?
Posted by DeletedUser 7 years ago
By Middle East I think you mean Saudi Arabia and Iran. Not all of the Middle East is like that. I went to Turkey for 6 months and most of the women (more so in the city's) wore skinny jeans and tank tips and even 2 piece bathing suits. Most women didn't wear hijab except for elderly women in the country side. In fact in universities and government buildings in Turkey as well as other middle eastern countries women are not allowed to wear hijab. In most middle eastern countries women are allowed to drive and they are not forced to wear hijab, niqabs or burkas. It's just some countries than make them all look bad. I'm surprised you didn't know this, considering you claim to have been there.
Posted by youtheotube 7 years ago
Women are not equal to men. Physically, they are much weaker, and are not capable of doing nearly as much as men are. Mentally, they are closer to men's brains, however their motherly instincts do get in the way of logical thinking sometimes. Men and women were created and have been developed to do different things, so why should that change in just a few decades?
Posted by Mike_10-4 7 years ago
As for "Rights," we all have the same "Rights," they are part of the physical Laws of Nature, not man-made. The world should read the following, and perhaps, one day this world will be a better place to live:
Posted by Osiris_Rosenthorne 7 years ago
....women can drive in Iran, and vote, for that matter. Not for much, but they can vote as much as any man can.
Posted by cosecant 7 years ago
Great debate (.....) .
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Vote Placed by bettabreeder 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Dominated!
Vote Placed by TruthHurts 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
Agreed with after the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
Who had better conduct:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:04 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro's resolution was incredibly vague, and Con correctly pointed out that the BOP is solely to show that women have at least one right somewhere in the Middle East, which is never defined by Pro. Pro's attempt to change the definition of "right" is comical, and is the reason for giving Con conduct points. Overall, Pro never makes argumentation that actually supports the original resolution, other than attempting to shift the case, and Con presents an adequate case in negation.

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