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women's rights

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Started: 11/16/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think women should still have the same rights as men in any country because men have a state of mind that cannot compare to the state of mind women do like child care and mechanical


First off we do have equal rights which is why I am accepting this debate. also what do you mean by don't have the right state of mind it is just that we raise children differently. Fathers just do the job differently they are more firm and provide most of the money.Ninety percent of single families are mothers and they have the highest poverty rate more than any other group. Single parents affects the children in phycological and social behavavior. It also affects the physical health.;- ohio state university

Wage gap

Men and women have the same pay and statistics that claim that women are paid less are not looking at. Earnings and wages are different things

Work Hours
Time off
Efectiveness at compleating a job
How hard they work
Attitude at work
On task
How danerous the job is
I could go on but it is your turn
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Posted by TheShaun 2 years ago
@babygirly741 First, women have the same rights as men in America. Name one right that men have that women don't. Keep in mind, privileges are not rights.

Second, of course men and women have a different way of thinking. Though, that does not mean a woman's way of thinking is better than a man's. On average, men's way of thinking tends to be more efficient than women's. Women are not better parents when they baby their kids. Those kids grow up to be selfish when the parent isn't strict enough. Majority of the "thugs" in America are a result of single mother homes.
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