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world war 3

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Started: 8/9/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
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It's true that we haven't had a major punch up for 70 odd years and with a possible united states of Europe (also know as the Eu) could do what happened when Germany formed in the late 1800s which shifted the powers in Europe which caused ww1, with British exit from the united states of Europe (praise tea and kek) means that we should see status quo remain and this could keep peace in Europe for the next 50 to 60 years as long as the rest of Europe doesn't invade Great Britain we should be fine. And we don't get a Islamic state in turkey or any part of Europe we should be fine as we won't have to suffer even more terrorism then we already have. Plz note i don't want to turn this in a debate about Islam or the Eu, not for now... Thank you have a nice day


Europe will play a big part of the next world war. But that's not the only part of this war, there are many areas in the world that war could break out. Such as in Asian, in the South China sea, the northern part of Europe, or even in Syria or other parts of the middle east, plus we have the North Korea crisis, if the US and China don't handle this correctly it could trigger a war with each other. I know what happen in world war 1 was a build up before there were a actually war, like in 1908 there were sings the world were headed toward world. Then a few years of the military buildup, then a smoking gun happen in 1914, which the assassination of Austria president happen, after that things got out of hand. World war 2 had a other way of starting, it was around 1934 or 1935 before there were other signs of a world war happening again. Then Germany invading of Poland in 1939, then world war 2 happen. Another note that is important is both world war the general public didn't think world war would ever happen. Same kind of things is happening right now. I would say the military buildup started around 2014, so it will take some years before an actually war break out. Now we are in the middle of 2017. Some examples of what is happening in today world, is Russia and Nato's playing major military war games. Russia and the US is clearly not going to be on the same page in the world views, and that is leading to mistrust, and a heavy load of tense. Then we have China playing a major factor in today world. First China is clearly not helping the US with trading, nor controlling the North Korea crisis. China say one thing about the North, and then do the other. Now we have India and China threatening war with each other. Which can trigger some thing bigger, what side do you think the US will be on? Tell you this it's not on China side. The US also have a big issues on the islands china made in the south china sea. We have a other thing not favoring the US, and that is Russia and China are in a military and economies partnership. Both countries now having good relationship. If you really want to learn more about the cycle of war, read about Thucydides trap.
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