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zoos do more harm than good

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Started: 4/16/2012 Category: Society
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hi my name is pam and i think zoos do more harm than good. 2 reasons are one zoos are like prisons for the animals they cant roam free and just be plain free. 2 reason is because every animals has diffrent needs like they need a specific environtment. or tempeture or even there food and zoos dont usually provide this issues for the animals in captivity.


hi my name is trav and I think zoos do more good than harm. 2 reasons are one zoos allow endangered animals to be preserved, and get them out of high risk zones where they might be killed by poachers. 2 reason is because it teaches people confined to cities about the importance of animals and how to protect them.
i don't think that zoos are like prisons since their are strict regulations on caging sizes, they can roam free in their habitat, which is usually quite large. it has to be large enough for them to get a healthy amoun t of exercise and if an animal wanted more than that its just plain greedy.
i agree that animals need specific environments, and i think zoos give that to them. the habitat is zoos cater exactly to the needs of the animal. all habitats are specially prepared for them.



Debate Round No. 1


thanks for accepting my debate trav. like you said zoos do have strict regulations but the problems with the cages is that the zookeepers clean them and the chemicals they use hurt the animals physically. also a example of an animal that shoulndt be in the zoo is the elephant. elephant should be able to roam free and from what I know they walk lots of miles when not in captivity. also it has been proved that elephants live less time in captivity. overall animals are hurt physically in the zoos and its true zookeepers take care of them but there are still some that are cruel to them!


Travniki forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Well thanks for being my opponent


None of your arguments speak to zos, they speak to cruel zoo keepers who mis use chemicals. I agree. There is no inherent harm in zoos.

As for elephants, once again it gets them out of high risk areas where they are poached. They have plenty of room to walk around in their habitat, try walking in a circle-see how many miles you go.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pros arguments did not relate to zoos, only cage owners or whatever they are called being cruel. As con pointed out, zookeepers, ah thats the name, are not the zoo as a whole, therefore pros arguments are irrelevant, and con wins. Also, conduct pro for FF. Simple rfd for a simple debate...