Is it possible to create a fallacy debate?Posted 7 years Ago

I'm currently in the "voting" phase for a debate where the subject is "The Pixar theory".

My opponent, The Instigator, asked in their opening statement "My opponent is to make his argument for why the Pixar theory is true".

It was my understanding that The Instigator, by default, was the one who had the BoP. I believed my opponent would have to attack. So I took this challenge because I would be arguing a defense for the Pixar theory.

On the second round, the first sentence, my opponent says, "a) The burden is on Pro to prove that the Pixar theory is correct"

Now wait a minute?

My opponent said I had "to make an argument for why the Pixar theory was true". They did not say I had the BoP and they did not say I had to prove the theory was correct". I wouldn't have taken the debate if they would have said that in the opening statement.

1) I believe the debate is a fallacy. The BoP was on my opponent to prove a negative.

2) I believe my opponent committed a fallacy by switching the BoP on to me after I took the debate.

3) I believe that their poor wording and lack of being forthright about my tasks should cause them to forfeit the debate.

4) I do not believe they carried the BoP. They didn't provide any resources. They had poor spelling and grammar through out the debate. They did not support their claim.

I am asking the community to vote for me on these points.

Thank you.
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Post Unvoted Debates HerePosted 7 years Ago

Just did closing statements on "The Pixar theory"

Please vote on it. My opponent and I had a lot of fun with it. We don't want it to go ignored.

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Post Unvoted Debates HerePosted 7 years Ago

Should Women Play In The NFL?

My opponent forfeited both rounds. Why do I need to wait 90 days for this to end?
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Should Women Play In The NFL?Posted 7 years Ago

My opponent forfeited the final two rounds. They only had one sentence in the entire debate. Why do I need to wait 90 freaking days for this to have closure?
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OFFICIAL: DDO Bug ReportingPosted 7 years Ago

I think there is a bug with the phone verification. I've tried multiple times and waited for days to get a response but it never appeared on my phone. I've not had trouble with any other service/website with this "text verification". I also have tmobile which is offered from the pull down menu.
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