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About Me:I'm a 16-year-old female from the UK. I was born in Manchester, England, but I live in Scotland. I like writing, politics, sports and music. As I'm sure many of you are, I am lost in politics right now as a centrist (I hold a lot of right-wing views, but my level of acceptance sometimes puts me in the left-wing section) who values authority, even though I've been researching for quite a while now. I look to meet others who feel the same way, but, of course, since this website is called debate.org, I would also like to talk to those with different or even polar opinions to mine, and hopefully find common ground, or be able to see eye-to-eye.
Activities:Sports: I work out almost every day and I'm training for a 5k run with my dad. My favourite sport is football (soccer), but I used to play netball, too. Music: I play the piano and drum kit, and kind of mess around on the guitar as well. I used to be in a choir as a soprano. I have Grade 5 in Music Theory. Writing: I used to write well, then it went pretty cringe in my preteen years. Now I write essays and more formal items like that. Politics: I am a Centrist in the UK. I like watching Christian and political YouTube channels in my free time, and I love talking to my friends about these issues as well. I have more than ten leftist friends and two right-wing friends, and no centrist ones, so it's a bit of a struggle.
Beliefs:I was born Catholic and still am. What I put to people, though, is the fact that I am a Christian, as that is the most important thing to tell people in one word when they ask about my religion - that I believe in God and The Bible. Catholicism can be confusing for people, especially to those who don't know much about the religion. They have controversy over methods of evangelism, and the Pope's diversion from the traditional teachings. Also, many people see us as people who are absolutely not accepting and abuse sinners. The truth is that we are all sinners. It's as the saying goes, for me: hate the sin, not the sinner. So many people are pessimistic these days. I think it's important to value what is good in the world, but also to critique things you see that are wrong. But we have to be careful to always maintain level-heads. If we do that, the world will be even more successful than it is now, and more issues will be finally solved.
Books:I have read a lot, and I have lots of books, but I don't... read a lot? There are some books I liked when I read them, but I wouldn't be in a rush to pick them back up again. So, basically if you want to discuss a book with me, the chances are I haven't read it in my life, or even heard of it.
Movies:I like musicals a lot, but I haven't actually seen many of them to the end. I think my favourite might be Hairspray, but the later productions of it are done in a way I really don't like.
Music:I like soft rock, and rock that doesn't sound like death. Some pop, too. Spiritual music is nice to listen to while I'm doing something, but some pieces are too slow for my liking. Some hymns, though, are absolute bops. That's one thing I can than my Catholic primary school for. I also like the rhythm of rap, especially multilingual rap, but sadly some of the lyrics are horrible. It sounds weird, but I like Mandarin rap the best out of rap. You should check it out.
Quotes:Men and women are equal, that is the message of Scripture. But the message of Scripture is also that men and women are distinct, with different roles and responsibilities. We allow Scripture to tell us that they are equal in worth. We must allow Scripture to tell us how that equal value is to be worked out, in their distinctive roles. The great mistake of our day is to insist that equality of worth means sameness of role.
-Rev Keith M Watkins
Sports Teams:Football (Soccer): Scotland - Celtic England - Manchester City
TV Shows:I don't really have a favourite show, but I like police TV programme that air in the UK.
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To be helping person - is it good?


I think a helping person - is a weak person. Because in this way this person makes the other people weak. They can't grow, Because this helping person helps them everytime. And in the opposite way. When as example my boss doesn't help me - he makes me stronger, Because I should train myself doing needed staff better and I am studying doing it. The last one is very important - to be able to selfstudy in this very dynamic life. And your opinion?...

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It is entirely god's fault for not demonstrating to me or to anyone that it exists


It is entirely god's fault for not demonstrating to me and or to anyone that it exists. This supposed unproven god would not use a BOOK. It would not use something as ridiculous as FAITH. There's no such thing as science because that would be up to man to prove this supposed god's existence. If this whatever god exists, It would make it's existence nice and sparking clear. It would never hide behind the cloak and dagger of something as tepid and as stupid as religion and only supposedly talk to...

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