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Ideology:Conservative Education:Not Saying
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Interested:in Women Occupation:Not Saying
Looking:Networking Religion:Christian - Latter-Day Saints
About Me:aspiring politician and former Student Councillor on a Student government.
Activities:Active Member of, and volunteer for, the Conservative Party of Canada, My provincial political party (which I won't name for safety reasons due to location specifications) and a mayoral campaign. Prone to avid engagement in several fandoms, and long political arguments regarding fictitious factions and their merits (#DeathEatersUnite).
Beliefs:Firm defender of national sovereignty (for my nation and others). Opposed to regime change wars, and willing to find common ground with others across the political spectrum on the topic of international cooperation, defense, protection of sovereignty, and counter-terrorism. Detest American Exceptionalism, warmongering, and state sponsorship of terror groups, as well as the propagandic nature of the US mainstream media, and the lies it propagates on foreign affairs. Staunchly socially conservative, and for the most part capitalist (though I do support public healthcare), I prefer to support parties that hold conservative views and aren't afraid to defy political correctness when common sense dictates it should be done. That said, I'll vocally support any party or leader on an issue by issue basis when they deserve the credit.
Books:Turtledoves "World War" series, the Harry Potter series (long live Bellatrix Lestrange), and the Gone series.
Movies:The Harry Potter films, Star Wars films (1-6), and The Guardians of the Galaxy films.
Quotes:"Sometimes it is necessary to be lonely, in order to prove that you are right."
- President of the Russian Federation, Vladmir Putin
Sports Teams:Toronto Raptors
TV Shows:AMCs Into the Badlands (#TeamWidow)
5 Debates

Earth would not have become the planet of the apes without the Simian Flu.


This debate will be about the Planet of the apes movie series (both old and new). I will be arguing that if the Simian Flu virus had never occurred the Apes never would have become the dominant species on the planet. Everything that occurred in Rise of the Planet of the Apes will remain the same with the exception of the ALZ-113 triggering a simian flu virus. In this alternate time line ALZ-113 has no effect on humans what so ever and Gen Sys abandons the ALZ project. However ALZ still causes Ap...

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Marcus Kane should be made Chancellor again on the 100, Season 3


Hello, I am looking to debate about whether or not Marcus Kane should be made Chancellor of the Ark during the 100 season 3. I will be arguing that Kane should become Chancellor again, while my opponent will argue against this. The debate will be about the TV series only. Please make sure you have a thorough knowledge of The 100 seasons 1 and 2 ( and of course are aware of the characters. ). For anybody reading this who is not yet through seasons 1 and 2, THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS! With that sa...

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the ISA are the real bad guys in the Killzone universe.


I am looking to debate about the popular Killzone video game series. It is my belief as well as the belief of several other fans that the ISA ( despite being the games protagonists ) are the real bad guys. Before you accept the debate please except the following terms: 1. The debate involves the entire history of the Killzone universe not just the events that take place during the games themselves. 2. Government type does not make someone "good or bad" 3. The mere red color of the helgh...

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Is abstinence-only education an acceptable curriculum to teach students about sex?


I am looking to debate a serious opponent on the topic of abstinence only education. I am against abstinence-only education in the federal educational curriculum. In order to avoid confusion, I will first define some key-terms, and then outline a rough 'schedule' explaining what each round should be for. Both the term definitions and the schedule can be questioned/argued by my opponent in his first-round post. I will now define some of the key terms that will be used in this debate. - Abstin...

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Humans would survive the typical ( slow zombie ) zombie apocalypse.


Let me begin by establishing what exactly the typical zombie apocalypse is.The typical zombie apocalypse involves a single person becoming a zombie ( patient 0 ) and the virus spreading by bite only from person to person. The typical apocalypse also involves the typical zombie. The typical zombie is slow and lumber around until it is stimulated. Once stimulated it moves at a jogging pace. Typical zombies cannot climb ladders, are incapable of using weapons or tools. One discription...

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Global Warming ExistsCon
Gold StandardN/S
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Internet CensorshipN/S
Iran-Iraq WarN/S
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Occupy MovementN/S
Progressive TaxN/S
Racial ProfilingN/S
Smoking Ban
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Social SecurityN/S
Stimulus SpendingN/S
Term LimitsCon
United NationsN/S
War in AfghanistanN/S
War on TerrorN/S

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