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Major League Baseball needs to expand the use of "instant replay"


Today, many missed calls by umpires seem to effect outcomes of games. Having things like adding runs that shouldnt be runs, putting people on base that shouldn't be there, and so on, can completely change who wins and loses a game. My proposal for fixing this problem is to adopt a system of instant replay similar to the NFL. In the NFL, only certain aspects of the game can be put up for review, and the coach has a limit to how many times he can ask for replay review. Also, there are certain poin...

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Should Keith Olbermann receive a lifetime ban from telelvision broadcasting?


I have never heard this guy make one intelligent statement. Right now, I am reading a book, and there's a part that talks about an interview Olbermann had with Playboy in I believe 2007. His exact statement was "Fox News is worse than al Qaeda." He also even said that Fox News is worse than the KKK. I don't think he realizes how many people he offended. I know I would be offended if I had a family member die in 9/11, or if I had a family member killed by the KKK. Last time I checked, Fox News do...

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The subject of Casey Anthony on National News


Honestly, who cares about Casey Anthony? Anyone? Who is she? Why is she on national news? She killed her daughter, yes that's a terrible thing, but there's stuff like this that happens every day! What makes this situation so special? Ill tell you what, NOTHING! She was an average citizen before all this crap came out about her. Now she has all of a sudden become a national celebrity for killing her daughter! Seriously? Has the world come to this? It takes killing someone to become a celebrity? P...

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Should the NFL move touchbacks back to the 20 yard line?


Putting it on the 25 makes the game safer? Give me a break! What proof is there of this? None! If I take a knee in the endzone, Im already a quarter of the way to a touchdown! The game was fine when touchbacks were at the 20 yard line. Moving it up 5 more yards will not make the game safer. This whole thing is a case of the NFL overreacting to the amount of head injuries. Im not saying that head injuries aren't important, but this new rule wont solve the problem, so therefore, there'...

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There is no God


Burden of Proof: The pro must provide arguments for the proposition. Arguments should lead into the conclusion that there is no supernatural realm, not that there is no evidence for supernaturalism. I must provide evidence and arguments that there is a supernatural realm. Contention One: Kalam Argument Formulated by Dr. Craig: 1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause 2. The universe began to exist 3. Therefore, the universe has a cause P1: This seems true by definition, since its nega...

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