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Michael Patterson-Carver - Artist

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7/28/2012 12:07:30 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
Hey peoples. Anyone of you people know about Michael Patterson Carver? I met him in San Francisco. He's a long-time political activist and artist. He draws all kinds of art about politics. He does support the Occupy Movement and advocates and draws for many issues varying from environmental protection to social justice. He's a great artist and does many amazing pieces of artwork. Harrell Fletcher, one of the curators at People's Biennial, found him selling his artwork outside Trader Joe's in Portland. He has lots of exhibitions in different places currently and went from living in a tent to having his artwork shown in London galleries. For the talented artists here, what do you think about him and more importantly, his artwork? Is he good enough for exhibitions which he has done? How much worth does he hold in world of art? Why does he look and act like a homeless man when he has so many artwork in museums? Why is his art being valued so highly?

This website tells the entire story:

The other links do tell different things but are given for they show his pictures:

Links for Pictures: