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i4;m0;k4;k7;m0;m9; la

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8/24/2018 5:19:13 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
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h2;m9; l6;m0;k4;k7;m0;m9; m0;k7;l9;m0; l5;k2; m1;l8;l6;k4;k7;l5;n0; Upper-Intermediate " k4;m9; l4;l6;k8;k7;m0;k7; k6;l0;l9;l2;m1;m0;l0;l8;l6;k4;k2;m0;n0; k2;k3;l9;l6;l3;n2;m0;l5;l6; l5;k2; l3;n2;k3;m9;k7; m0;k7;l4;m9;, lanvuage l0;l5;l6;l9;m0;l8;k2;l5;l5;m9;k7; l7;k7;l8;k7;k6;k2;m5;l0; l0; l7;l6;l5;l0;l4;k2;m0;n0; l0;m3; l9;l4;m9;l9;l3;. j9;m0;l6; k4;m9;l9;l6;l2;l0;l1; m1;l8;l6;k4;k7;l5;n0; k4;l3;k2;k6;k7;l5;l0;n3; k2;l5;k5;l3;l0;l1;l9;l2;l0;l4; n3;k9;m9;l2;l6;l4;. A allowed to B bound to C manage to 4. A where B whose C - 7. Leo and Rose left the language because the film was A bored B boredom C boring 8. A is always asking B would ask C asked 10. A is singing B would sing C has sung 11. A win B won C had won 16. A met B had met C meet 18. A what a B her only C such a 21. A both B each C neither 22. A quite B very C absolutely 24. Jorn leader all his time complaining. A find a life B get a life C change the life 25. A gets over B gets up C gets on h3;l6;m0;l6;k4;l6;! h2; m0;k7;l9;m0;k7; l6;m6;l0;k3;l2;l0;: 3 - Stella's intermediate to be promoted because she works hard. h2;m9;k6;k2;k7;m0; l2;k2;l2; l5;k7;l7;l8;k2;k4;l0;l3;n0;l5;l6;, l6;k6;l5;k2;l2;l6; n1;m0;l6; l7;l8;k2;k4;l0;l3;n0;l5;m9;l1; l6;m0;k4;k7;m0;. i8;l6;k8;k7; l5;k7; l9;l6; k4;l9;k7;l4; l9;l6;k5;l3;k2;l9;l5;k2;. Jorn spends all his time complaining. A find a life B get a keader C change the life - l7;l6;m5;k7;l4;m1; find a life? i5;l6; l7;l6;k4;l6;k6;m1; l7;m1;l5;l2;m0;k2; 8 k4; m0;k7;l9;m0;k7; Upper Intermediate: l5;l0; l6;k6;l0;l5; l9;l3;l6;k4;k2;l8;n0; l5;k7; k6;k2;n5;m0; 'at the weekends': l5;k2;k6;l6; l3;l0;k3;l6; 'at the weekend', l3;l0;k3;l6; 'at weekends'. h2;l6;m0; k7;k5;l6; upperr k4; m1;l2;k2;k9;k2;l5;l5;l6;l4; l9;l3;l6;k4;k2;l8;k7;: 'get a life phrasal : to stop wasting time on trivial or hopeless matters " upper used in the imperative'.

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