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China transformer stations manufacturers

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11/16/2018 1:50:06 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Design idea:
1. Two trucks with high voltage part and one truck with middle voltage part. High voltage part and low voltage part can be used independently. It is used as standby substation and connected with other equipments for working. Also can be functional substation. Length of truck will be less than 13m, Width is less than 3m, Height is less than 4. 5m and total weight is less than 55tons.
2. 110KV input wire is aerial or cable. High voltage equipment part is 110kv SF6 air insulation compound device (PASS), Wire input lightning arrester, Cable terminal support and PASS control terminal box. Components will be main transformer, Terminal box, Neutral equipment, Secondary comprehensive automatic control (local monitor screen, Transformer monitor screen, Intelligence terminal monitor screen) and flexible cables for connecting main transformer and high and low voltage. Main transformer 110kv side connects with 110KV PASS equipment and 10kv side connected with cables by sleeve.
3. Middle voltage part is composed of 10kv distribution switch cabinet, Secondary control equipment, Container and cable capstan box. 10kv distribution switch, Single line set, Which adopts cable wire input and output. Pre-set one for 10kv external connection reactive-load compensation equipment. External connection extending capacity is 6Mvar. Protection device for 10kv is installed into switch cabinet and distribution cabinet is in container. Other secondary equipments (DC screen, Distant movable screen, Communication screen) is in secondary room of container. At bottom of container, Cables layer is set here for cables connection running.
Application situation:
1. Emergency situation: sudden equipments accidents without grid and standby capacity. Unexpected natural disaster, Destroy or attack on purpose. Completely or partially as regulated substation.
2. Used for high load period to release high demands of power supply, Such summer, Tourism area, Large temporarily activity or construction project.
3. For area of high increasing electricity demands or exceeding expected power construction plan, Such as newly built industrial park temporarily power supply.
4. Substation maintenance and inspection, Extending construction and cannot stop power supply for residents in short period.
5. Due to some reason, Pause or revise permanent substation construction plan as temporary substation. China transformer stations manufacturers
website:http://www. Transformerxy. Com/transformer/substation/

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