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"Obsession", a poem

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7/13/2016 2:53:24 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
The voices inside my head declare in perfect unison
"That girl is the only one for you"
I"m disregarding the naysayers who say I need meds
The only drug that I need is you
I know your daily routine, where you work, buy coffee
"That girl is the only one for you"
I"ve camped outside your house once or twice or thrice
Baby, I can"t take my mind off of you
I"m your secret admirer, the sender of all those letters
"That girl is the only one for you"
I gloss over every post you make online, every selfie you take
Baby, I was meant to be with you
The voices are getting louder, the voices are getting louder!
"That girl is the only one for you"
Dream girl, there is only one way! Let"s die together, baby!
Girl, I am obsessed with you!
You are my Obsession!
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