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91=9783034376 black magic mantra IN AURANGAB

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6/26/2018 5:19:08 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
91=9783034376 black magic mantra IN AURANGABADWhen I go to heaven, I know it will be like the Mountainbrook Inn

and Gary will be hand picked by God to be my host. I have been

coming here for several years, at first alone and then with

friends so I can share the wonderful experience with everyone I

love. Everything about this place is nothing short of amazing

from the moment you arrive. Gary the owner and his sidekick/best

friend Otis (a lovable Saint Bernard) greet you upon arrival and

show you to your room, Each room is charming and can sleep

multiple numbers of people. The rooms are decorated in Americana

style, well furnished to meet your needs. The grounds are well

maintained and landscaped. Sitting outdoors listening to the

brook is pure nirvana. Walking over to the gazebo, the barn or

the vegetable gardens present a new discovery with each visit.

The swing set makes you forget you are no longer a child and

invites you to come and enjoy a swing in the fresh mountain air.

Pets are allowed, but remember Otis reigns supreme and you will

want to spend all of your time playing.+919783034376

Breakfast during each morning of your stay is delivered to your

door just before you wake. A basket with freshly baked goods,

fresh fruit and coffee, simple but filling. If you are looking

for more, a short drive into nearby towns offers you a vast

selection from local vendors. Make a special request and Gary

will do what he can to fulfill it or point you in the right

direction. If you like to do a picnic or grill lunch, you are

free to use the property and its equipment at no extra charge.

Dinner is presently only served on Saturday nights by reservation

in a room that seats no more than 35 guest. There is a 3 course

menu where dessert is always homemade and local meats and produce

are served whenever possible. You are free to BYOB or enjoy a

glass/bottle of wine at a reasonable price. Take home containers

are not necessary, because you will eat everything put before

you, it is just that good.

In my opinion there is no better place to spend a peaceful

weekend or week, like I said "Heaven on Earth" is found at the

Mountainbrook Inn, come sit a spell.

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