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91=9783034376 Tantra mantra IN SILIGURI

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6/26/2018 7:43:16 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
91=9783034376 Tantra mantra IN SILIGURIBrief Introduction From The Best Tantrik Specilaist in Kolkata -

Subrata Shastri
Famous Tantrik Specialist In Kolkata " Subrata Shastri, as a

Tantrik given some information regarding Tantra Shastra which

will help you all know about Tantra Shastra. Tantrik Consultant

Subrata Shastri Is having vast knowledge and Experience in

Tantrik elated Services, with his expertise he served alot of

people who needed the guidance in their lives all around kolkata

and india.+919783034376

Tantra shastra is a secret and most powerful science in the

Indian occult tradition. It is a science which Indians have

practiced for centuries and still do. Although this science was

subject to suppression from time to time due to various

misunderstandings and allegations, it still lives due to its

original operation and method of discovery of the psychic realms.

Tantra shastra as a whole is the system which deals with the

techniques, mediums and applications concerning the individual

power and knowledge which is said to be at the depth of human

consciousness. Usually it is thought that only a sannyasin, a

recluse; a celibate brahmachari can be in possession of psychic

powers that an ordinary householder has no access to those powers

which belong to the deeper planes of consciousness. However,

tantra shastra proclaims boldly that neither food nor character,

social nor marital status, stand in the way of developing such

super powers.

In tantra shastra one will find every practice integrated and

adjusted with the attitude and behavior of the average person who

is compelled and advised to follow the natural steps of life.

Therefore, wine, meat, marital relations, grain and fish are

accepted in the general constitution of the shastra. Much

misunderstood, this constitution of tantra shastra clarifies that

this does not present any obstacle in the awakening of Shakti,

rather it helps.

The presiding deity of tantra shastra is Devi, the so-called

feminine deity to whom all mantras, mudras and other elements of

worship are devotionally dedicated. The act of bathing, dressing,

sitting for worship, offering various ingredients, sacrificing

animals, cohabiting with husband or wife or companion, accepting

the offered foodstuffs and many other acts are performed in the

spirit of total dedication and devotion. The sixty-four tantras

are thus designated to suit the various temperaments of

individuals walking, faltering and advancing on the different

levels of human evolution.

The purpose of all tantric systems is one, and that is to evolve

and express the mother aspect which is probably the nucleus and

centre of total consciousness in living beings, the central

sphere of individual awareness which is Shakti or energy. Tantra

shastra does not confuse this with the so-called maternal

instinct, nor does it develop an emotional mother complex. The

term "matri" symbolizes the greatest power in man; it does not

symbolize the mother in the ordinary sense.

Where is Shakti? It is in all. It is the left half of Shiva.

Shiva is consciousness; Shakti is energy. Shiva is the tongue;

Shakti is the power of speech. Shiva and shakti live together,

but Shiva cannot materialize and become active without the active

co-operation of shakti. Therefore, Shakti is the subject matter

of tantra shastra. Although Shakti is depicted by a feminine

frame, termed as a goddess, described as a beautiful lady, the

tantras unanimously

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