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Big Issues review

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7/19/2012 6:14:42 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
I think it'd be good to conduct a review of the new Big Issues and the information regarding them. This'll be great for checking which are useful and good, while being able to single out any that are bad. I have a few personal things to pick at in certain sections.

Capitalism section

I think the "Pros" and "Cons" section needs a little review. Whilst trying to main critically impartial of opinions (and I'm sure there will be some people who'll claim that the criticism is justified), the points about "Capitalism tends to improve standards of living by enabling individuals to afford to buy food and clothing as well as housing and health care" seems a bit strange. If it were referring to precedence, it'd make more sense, but it seems to be saying that Capitalism is inherently a virtuous cycle, which is disputed. Further, "The unpredictability of the marketplace makes capitalism an unreliable system" as a criticism seems to assume a classical economic system, or at least a non-Keynesian one. The thing is, the rest of it seems to be trying to be impartial or give actual argument points. So I'm wondering: "Is it common clash points, or is it accepted pros and cons?" If it is the former, then I'm slightly more acceptive of it, as it should be opinionated on either side. If it is the latter, though, surely it should be less bias? But there are slightly more blatant cases than this: The Smoking Ban side has nothing there whatsoever.

So, I've got an idea. This would help as a test-run for the "Quick Debate" idea, and would also improve the quality of these sections. Replace the Pro/Con part on the pages like ( and allow the "Quick Debate" style for selected users to add or take away, with a set word/character limit on the Pro, and similar for Con. With the right users doing one each, this would work quite well, I imagine, and mean no more needless updating of these segments.

Also, the debate list on the sides of the actual pages. These should be the "site favourites", not the most recent, I think. Add in a count calculation of most "+"s, and show the most popular there. Or let the community choose some to get up there. The problem is, for the commonly debated issues at least, you get these debates at the top of the list ( When there are so much better ones hidden.
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