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Is it possible to edit my message settings...

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9/10/2012 10:35:36 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Is it possible to edit my message settings so that I can not get messages that were also shared with another particular member or better yet still get the message but that other members post would not show up at all in the mass PM to me personally?

There are several messages I have no problem with getting from the sender and want to get from them but they are also sent not just to me but to many others often including wallstreetathiest among who the mass pm was sent to.

Maybe the rest of you like it when his post make the screen go screwbally but I'm sick of opening messages in my inbox and finding the whole bottom of the screen moving and the "stop threads" and "reply" box's untouchable.

Do I have to just make a formal request to all DDO'ers and hope they read it to not include me in the same PM thread with wallstreetathiest or vice versa. Or is there a private way to accomplish that in my personal settings cause I cant find one. I can block him from messaging me but not from messaging others who messaged both of us.
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