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JimTimmy Escapes Wrath Of DDO *

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9/24/2012 11:52:08 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
It seems to me that some people here are not able to deal with a reality that haunts them. Most people here are decent and well respected individuals.
I truly do not believe that DDO is a racist forum in any way. But there are a few
users here who have this ideology that is self-destructive, and non productive.
So whenever I see people who have a weakness in which they deem as
a strength, I will devour them whole when given the chance.
After my thread about the perils of racism, JimTimmy decided not to debate me on this issue for whatever reason. I do believe that he has seen himself in a way, and has not decided to decay his own existence anymore with this toxic rhetoric.
I left a surprise for him in the Society section here at DDO though, as insurance. But be reminded my friends,
if you are a racist person, and has anything at all against any minority group here on Earth, the last person you want to deal with is me. Okay.
Comments anyone. Hmmm. =)

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