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Is HIV curable or treatable?

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8/8/2018 8:03:18 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Is HIV curable or treatable? Call/whatsapp +27789059745
My name is Jose.The conclusion by medical doctors that HIV has no cure is certainly not true because I"m a leaving testimony of how Abdul Karim uses black seed extracts and other herbal materials to cure HIV/AIDS . I was leaving with HIV for more than 8years, consulted many doctors for treatment but all they administer is antiviral drugs which depresses me even more. On this blessed day i went to the river side to reflect and maybe commit suicide due to HIV. While there a lady ELOA noticed i was deep in thoughts and ask me what the trouble is and i told her my pains she offered to help because she has also benefited from Abdul Karim cure. Right there she sent a mail to an African based herbalist (Abdul Karim) who replied and requested i send him information about myself. This conversation changed my story for good because less than 3weeks of using his herbal remedies which he sent to me through courier the virus was completely out of my body and this shocked my personal home doctors. One would have thought the solution to this demon called (HIV), . Hey, if you are tired of antiretroviral drugs, heartbroken and in need of solution contact him on: Call/whatsapp +27789059745 and be saved.

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