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This is it. Farewell.

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11/8/2018 8:55:20 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
If I recall correctly, I joined debate. Org on October 29, 2013, One day after my seventeenth birthday. That was the start of my membership in an online community that lasted for about four and a half years afterwards: it's downright amazing that but earlier this year I participated on Seventh's game of DDO Survivor, With I think eight other players, On a Site filled with people.
Now, This same Site is by and large lifeless. I will acknowledge that the debate section is still somewhat active, But I was always more of a forums guy. I never really liked the pressure inherent in a formal debate, Having to give a response by X time. It was pretty much just homework, And I had enough of that already.

The other day I made a thread covering the 2018 Midterm Elections, Arguably the most important event in politics of this year. The Dems managed to retake the House, At long last. With the exception of one person, Nobody responded (though one other person tried to post). That would be understandable if somebody else had created such a thread, And everyone had flocked there instead, But nope. Mine was the only one.
This is a testament to just how dead and lifeless DDO has become. Its functionality has greatly increased since the great spam outbreak of a couple months back, But it's too late: the users, Who were always the soul of DDO, Are gone. What Phil has birthed did not withstand the test of time, Though I'm sure we all knew that this day was inevitable. Most of us did not, Of course, Expect for this day to come so soon.

So I'm here now to say my last goodbyes, As one of the final old guard members to hang up the towel and walk away.
I, Gary Newman, A lifelong resident of Tioga, LA, Will be deactivating my account, Probably for good, Shortly after posting this, And after that point I probably will not re-enter this web address again, Except maybe every once in a full moon for curiosity's sake.
I have been using my profile comments as a means of information storage, To post notes for random crap that I've been working on. But now I've completed the transfer of such to another website. So I won't need to employ this service again in the future. That is to say, I now have no further reason to log on to DDO.

Airmax, If you are reading this, Please just tell Juggle you quit and finally go and do something else with your life. You deserve it. Everybody else, Please go register an account with debateart. Com, Which is where much of this Site's former userbase has already migrated. For the time being, DebateArt is thriving, And I hope that it will remain as such for many more years to come.

And that's just about all I have. I'm not sure that anybody's left to even read this, But if you are, I'd just like to say:

Goodbye, God bless, And thank you all so very much!
Rest in Peace DDO (2007-2018)
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11/8/2018 9:57:59 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
It"s so boring on debateart though. . . I thought about uploading a nude of myself because nothing ever happens there

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