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Debates forfeiting

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3/12/2019 12:48:53 PM
Posted: 10 months ago
Something happened to two debates of mine. They were in the voting period and still registered after that a forfeit took place. I didn't and my opponent didn't forfeit a single Round and this happened during the voting period. Which is really weird. This isn't anything new because I remember it happening before.

Debates that DDO forfeited when I gave an argument:
https://www. Debate. Org/debates/Trump-is-a-bad-president/3/
https://www. Debate. Org/debates/The-God-of-the-Bible-Exist/2/

First debate that had this problem:
https://www. Debate. Org/debates/New-Vegas-is-the-best-fallout-in-the-series/1/

With the 3rd link. My and my opponent have acknowledged it occurring but this happened before the debate was over. The most recent two happened during the voting period.

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