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If Your Post Fails To Show, Do This

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3/17/2019 6:17:21 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
Last Updated Monday, Mar 4th

If you make a post and it fails to show. . . . .

Look at the number of the final post in the thread and remember it, This is important.

DDO has 30 posts per page. So if the final post listed is above 30, There will be more than one page of posts.

There are 4 problems with dropped posts. Each one requires you to do something different.
1. You make a post and the post doesn't show, And the post total listed does not change.
2. You make a post and the post doesn't show, But the post total listed does change.
3. The site does not allow you to navigate to the last post. This happens when the thread post total is more than 30.
4. You cannot make a post at all. The "Review" button works, But you get an error page every time you hit the "POST" button.

Solution 1
Do not use the "Quote & Reply" button unless you need to alert the person whose post you are responding to.
If you do think you must use the "Quote & Reply" button, Completely delete the first 2 lines of text in the post.

Your posts will now work.

Solution 2
Do not hit the "Add Post" or the "Quote & Reply" buttons on the final post of the thread. Go to the first post in the thread of the person to whom you wish to reply and click the "Add Post" button there.

If that person has only one post in the thread, You will have to reply using the post of another poster in that thread, And it will make no sense to use the "Quote & Reply" button in those cases.

If you just have to quote part of the post to which you need to reply, Copy and past it into your post. Do not keep any of the text from the post you clicked "Add Post" on.

Solution 3
The contents of your post may be the problem.
Remove all symbols like pluses, Stars, Hashes, Equal signs, Etc. Especially if these characters are repeated. Numerical dates also sometimes block a post from showing.

Do not allow links in your posts to hyperlink. Remove the "http:" in all links in your post. Yours, And any in the text of of the person you are quoting, If there are any. Better, Delete all links if your post can tolerate no links.

Your post will now show up. This will also free up blocked threads so that the final page will now be accessible.

If you try these solutions and your post still fails to show, You have missed something in the text of your post. Check carefully.

We just found out the board is signing out people as they try to post. If this happens to you, Check the box that says "keep me signed in" as you log back in.

The site has dropped some posts days AFTER they were posted. The reason for this has not been determined, But someone is making changes to the page, As we can see from the irritating new drop down and pop up ads. Those suck. Instead of correcting the site's malfunctions, The owners are beefing up the ads.

Please, Please, Please, Do not click on the ads.

The site has dropped whole threads. I assume this is also due to an error of the people making the changes to the site.

If anyone has other solutions for board malfunctions, Or want to report a problem, Please post them here.

Please do not feed the troll in this thread, Leave that job to the professionals.

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