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NikeCourt Air Jordan 8 White Aqua Release Nex

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8/18/2019 11:01:29 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
This year, Nike is the prototype and the Air Jordan series has created a pair of matching shoes. Not only is the shape unique, But the design concept is very novel. Like the [URL=https://www. Cadysneakers. Com]NikeCourt Air Jordan 8 White Aqua[/URL], Which has just been exposed recently, On the sole of the NikeCourt Air Zoom Zero, The Air Jordan 8 shoe with white water color matching is unique. Not only that, But this time it will be presented in a series. In addition to these pair of basketball shoes, Polo shirts, Jackets and trousers will be on sale.

As one of Nike's most classic series, Air Max has accumulated a high popularity in more than 30 years of history, And a new pair of [URL=https://www. Cadysport. Com/product-category/nike-sneakers/]Nike Air Max 200[/URL] will be on the scene. The design style continues the traditional style of the Air Max family. The color scheme is similar to the Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux color scheme. The black color is the main color. The upper is made up of mesh material and anti-fur material. The biggest highlight is that the tongue and neckline are like the wine of Bordeaux. The red color makes the whole pair of shoes look calm and rich. At the same time, It is embellished with light blue and yellow to invigorate. Compared with the previous visual air cushion, This time, The thicker Air Max air cushion provides a good cushioning effect, Which is very suitable for everyday wear.

Inspired by the large number of sample shoe types stored in Nike's internal archives department, The N354 series launched this summer, Following the Air Force 1 Low Type and Blazer Low Type, Once again ushered in the deconstruction evolution of the Huarache shoe type! Named [URL=https://www. Nikysport. Com]Nike Huarache Type[/URL], The body is made of a special breathable mesh with an integrated sponge collar, And the outside is covered with a frame that is based on the Huarache hollow support concept. With a magic strap that extends to the heel, It's a bolder and more avant-garde attempt for lightweight and wrap! The details are quite rich. The front end of the tongue highlights the Huarache exclusive logo. The N354 handwriting font on the shoe side echoes the Nike Huarache Type on the insole. It emphasizes its maverick from the inside!

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