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Super Bowl, Patrick Willis, and...Duracell???

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2/2/2013 3:38:41 PM
Posted: 7 years ago

Amazing ad.

I was just looking around the internet, and stumbled on this ad. I haven't watched football in a very long time...I don't own a TV. The last Super Bowl I remember was Super Bowl XXX (lol, of course). Tomorrow will be Super Bowl XLVII.

This ad got me to do something I haven't done in a long time - look up who is in the Super Bowl, and who some of the players are, in this case namely Patrick Willis. Apparently he has quite a story:

Born in Bruceton, Tennessee, Willis grew up in abject poverty and had to take care of his younger siblings. By the age of 10, he worked full-time on cotton fields. He left his home, a double-wide in a trailer park just outside of Bruceton, with his two brothers and sister as a 17-year old, when his alcoholic father turned increasingly violent.[5] The siblings moved in with Willis' high school basketball coach.

From such humble beginnings:

Willis was named to his fifth consecutive Pro Bowl and becomes the first player in franchise history to make five Pro Bowl appearances to start a career.[33] In addition, he earned first-team All-Pro from the Associated Press for the third consecutive year.[34]

The 49ers are an amazing team with an amazing franchise history, which makes this accomplishment even more astounding.

The reason this is not in the Sports section has to do with my question: to anyone reading this thread and watching the ad, what does any of this have to do with Duracell batteries?? I mean, seriously, are you going to rush out and buy some batteries after you view this ad?

Is this an example of where product placement is simply inappropriate and a waste of advertising dollars?
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