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Trading in the 1980's

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2/26/2013 12:09:39 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
The most difficult to find trading video in the world. I had to upload my own copy under a different name, so that it wouldn't get taken down immediately. This is called [] and it's extremely interesting, mainly because it's during a bull market leading up to Black Monday and features one of the most famous traders of all time in his natural habitat. Enjoy!

Wiki: "Although the video was shown on public television in November 1987, very few copies exist. Those that do are hoarded by traders who watch the hourlong movie in the hope of gleaning possible trading tips from Jones. On the Internet, bids for the video start at $295. According to Michael Glyn, the video"s director, Jones requested in the 1990s that the documentary be removed from circulation. The video surfaced briefly on YouTube at the end of July 2009, before being taken down due to alleged copyright violation."

Watch it here:
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