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Shut It Down

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9/24/2013 1:51:40 AM
Posted: 7 years ago

Alright. I work in nuclear, so this story is near and dear to me. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant is shutting down. The thing that stuns me, though, is that the locals are blindly gleeful about it. They're practically dancing in the streets. Vermont Yankee is the third largest employer in the state of Vermont. IBM is the largest and they're hurting badly. They've already stated if VY goes, they go.

I understand that Vermonters are stuck in the sixties complete with tie dyed clothing, not washing, and microbusses and they've been fighting this fight for forty years, but this is going to be devastating to the state and local economy.

I just want to point out what is going on. I would like people to actually watch firsthand what happens when activism gets out of hand because the local politics are a big part of what happened here.

When you start hearing about what is going on in Vermont (And you will because there's very little economy here anyway) you need to keep this situation in mind.

In related news, The Boston Globe just did an article on the area around Maine Yankee.

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