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Who got cured of HIV?

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8/8/2018 8:01:41 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Who got cured of HIV? Call/whatsapp +27789059745
i want to use this medium to let every one know that HIV/AIDS has cure and that Abdul Karim is the solution. am Andrew King from Texas i was tested HIV/AIDS positive in July the year 2011, then early this month i read article about Abdul Karim having HIV cure,i decided to look for him and lastly i was able to contact him through his email and phone number he told me everything that he needed and i play along too and he now then told me that he has prepared some local medicine that i need to drink it and he send it to me i actually did as he directed, the later that night i was unable to sleep i urinate and toilet almost all the night i called him later that night to tell him how am feeling he told me that everything will be fine,few days later he called me and advice me that i should go to hospital to checked my status i actually did and i was now tested NEGATIVE i told everybody right there at the hospital and i called him and thank him for his good work he told me to tell you out there if you knew you have this disease that you should contact him Call/whatsapp +27789059745 . God Bless you

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