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Is Brexit makes UK weak economically-Explain

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4/12/2019 5:05:05 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
For the last three years, The UK"s economy struggled due to Brexit. There is a possibility that they could decide to stay in the European Union on April 12. Following a referendum held on June 26, 2016, There is a real uncertainty in the world"s fifth biggest economy. A number of companies that are providing the services to register for VAT online are also getting a shortage of clients.

PM Theresa May must play an effective role to boost the unstable economy

The delay to stay in the European Union could move to May or beyond. This depends on Prime Minister Theresa May ability, How she deals with this in the UK parliament. This risk of the unstable economy is the major reason behind considering the breaking of Brexit.

The postponement may cause further uncertainty

There is a sign of relief for the employers due to the postponement for the time being. Even if the Brexit chances are little, This led to put many expansion plans on hold especially the foreign investors. "

"Businesses will accept a short extension because it"s a better alternative to no deal, " Seamus Nevin, The Chief Economist at Make UK (An Engineering Trade Group), Said.

Investments are on the constant decline

It is very important for the business to make decisions soon, But Brexit is not an alternative to any deal. Prolonged uncertainty is the cause of investment decline in Britain during recent months. Making decisions soon creates a clear line, Whether the investments will be secured or the decline process will be started. While the UK"s economy is rapidly on the decline side, It is necessary to take serious decisions to save investment that is beneficial in the long term for both investors and in general.

Investors are unsure, Whether to stay or move

Carmakers and several other International brands are moving or investing in other EU countries than Britain just due to the ongoing stress. The UK parliament, Especially their Prime Minister must perform some quick actions to clear the black clouds. Prolonged uncertainty is a point of worry for lawmakers or parliamentarians because investors are unsure whether to move the business somewhere or keep it in the UK.

A further downfall is expected in 2019 due to the Global Financial Crisis

Payee registration in the UK is of the utmost priority. Several people who are working in different companies have a fear of losing their jobs if the decision goes in favor of Brexit. The overall UK"s major business investment fell throughout in 2018. Due to the global financial crisis, Further downfall is expected in 2019. This threatens the weaker production growth of the country. The momentum lost after the referendum decision to leave the European Union. As the deadline approached, Investors are continuously taking their money out in other EU countries. This shock is also feeling in the EU, Where several UK partners are working. So far there is no guarantee, Whether the things will move in the right direction or what.
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