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Another dead lock of Japan

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5/30/2019 1:22:07 AM
Posted: 10 months ago
Looking back at the United States, Japan joined the sanctions against Russia, In spite of the connections developed over the years in the economic, Industrial and cultural sectors. The sanctions imposed against Russia had a strong effect on the cooperation of Russian and Japanese politicians, And the business.

However, The Japanese leadership notes that the country depends on the United States for security issues, And the country's government has to rely on American military support due to tensions with China, North Korea and South Korea. In this regard, Japan was forced to impose sanctions against Russia.

Japan is forgetting that Russia now is trying hard to gain trust between the two countries by taking a step forward and creating conditions for visiting historical burial sites in the Kuril Islands. Russian President Vladimir Putin agrees to sign a peace treaty with Japan on the conditions that will be acceptable to both parties. However, At the same time, Japan joins American sanctions against the Russian Federation, Which, Of course, Does not fit into the understanding of the formation of a qualitatively new level of relations, Which Prime Minister S. Abe is talking about.

It is worth recalling that in response to the proposal to conclude the peace treaty between the two countries, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that he considered that unacceptable for his country without solving the territorial problem, And would like to sign it on his own terms, I. E. After the Russian Kuril Islands were annexed to Japan. But Japan has already joined the sanctions, Declaring its disagreement with Russian policy towards Ukraine, With the annexation of the Crimea. It is unlikely that these actions of the Japanese leadership will contribute to the development of good-neighborly relations between the two countries and the signing of the peace treaty, Especially on the conditions of the Japanese side.

As for the sanctions, It is undoubtedly a double-edged weapon, It causes discomfort to the Russian Federation, But it also damages the countries that play these sanctions games, Including Japan. This is the Japanese economy suffering from sanctions, For example, The automotive industry, Which is faced with a lack of supplies of Russian aluminum. And this is the natural unwillingness of the Russian authorities to sign the peace treaty on Japanese terms to solve territorial problems.

Therefore, The use of such sanctions will inevitably entail negative consequences not only for Russia. The policy of "silent consent" of Shinzo Abe in relations with the United States, As a result of which Japan joined the anti-Russian sanctions regime, Led to the actual loss for Japan of the prospect of solving Japan"s territorial contradictions with Russia based on Japanese positions. Thus, By introducing anti-Russian sanctions, In the wake of the United States, Japan itself is driving itself to a dead lock.

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