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DEBATE format

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7/14/2013 9:59:09 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Can anybody tell me how debate competition is played in schools and colleges?
I participated in our college debate competition yesterday (13 July) on the topic RIGHT TO EDUCATIONAct (INDIA). I was the leader of MOTION team, both teams consisted of 3 members. Leaders were given 4 minutes and the othermembers were given 3 minutes to speak on the topic. As we began, all the members, consecutively, dilevered their own points within the allotted time headed by the leaders. No second chance were given to any members. What we spoke at first stand was the 'beginning and the end'. Then, the judges came up to the stage and delivered a conclusion speech and declared the result. No chance of rising a single question to the opponents, Nochance of clarifying a single point we mention, etc. Just 4minutes to share opinions and the next minute comes the declaration of result!! So, Is this a debate competition??? If yes, what format is it?
If no, how should it be played?? Please help!!
" IND-Student

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