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h3;k6;k9; in touch 2 workbook &#1

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8/23/2018 7:36:18 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
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Y;;:we do' No' w e don't' 6. Yes, am' No' ' m not' 7. My friend says, Join a g1Tn. Take up a new sport or hobby' Start conversations with people. Talk about general opics' Marcy B Answerswillvary. In fact, I can't stand it' 4. A them Ni Oh, yeah. I like them a lot. A he r B Sarah Chang? A tlrem B Do I know them? They're my favorite group Exercise Answers will vary. Possible answers may include: 1. Yes, like her a l ot. She has some great songs. I dont like them very much. All their songs sound the same. No, I dont like her l6;l5;l3;k2;l1;l5; all. Her voice is annoying' 4. Yes, workbook to it all the time. It's my favorite kind of music. My mother played folk music all the time h3;k6;k9; I was little. We go to them all the time' We're going to a concert next Friday night. I don't really know him. He's Jennifer Lopez's husband, right? My mom knitted it for me last year' Keiko No. I'm not really good with my hands' Keiko Acttally, no. My sister got it at the bakery' Keiko Well, o. Mike No, but he has a big cap collection. He does crossword puzzles, hough' Mike rJm, no, he just plays computer games Exercise Answers l6;l3;k2;l1;l5; vary. Possible answers may include: 1. I don't have a computer. I dont touch have a camera. I don't workbool a lot of free time. Exercise L sandra look; do, staY Ashley 'm not eating; exercise Sandra. She's rying to lose weight. Possible answers may include: 1. F I'm not drinking a lot of milk these days. T I F Isleep orsevenhours anight.

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