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40 Best Argumentative Essay Topics

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1/14/2019 6:50:24 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
"US Economy under Trump has flourished like never before: Is it just a claim or facts depict the same?" This is how your argumentative essay topic should look like.
Before diving into the details of various topics that can be chosen to write an argumentative essay, you must know what an argumentative essay is and why is it assigned to students as homework? Argumentative essay is one of the diverse types of essay writing through which teachers assess the abilities of their students. They reflect the persuading and arguing power of a student and help them to analyze an issue critically.
Read more to learn about a teacher"s grading rubric and you will also find an extensive list of most suitable topics below. I will provide you all the necessary information to make you self-sufficient in writing argumentative essays.
How To Select Topics?
Today"s world is full of political, technological and economic debates or movements. You will find a number of argumentative essay topics but picking the right one is the basic and the first step to write an influential essay. In most of the cases teachers assign topics to students which makes their task way easier but if you have to choose your own topic then it is the test of your abilities.
The best approach to select a topic is to go for contradictive ones on which there is polarization in opinions.
Never select a moral issue for argumentative essays for there is no logical reasoning for them. Readers can form their opinions based on their moral values.
Try to choose a topic that is relevant to the society in which you are living.
Select a topic on which you have complete knowledge. You must be capable of defending your viewpoint and talk against others with logical and solid arguments.
What Are The Useful Tips To Consider Before Selecting A Topic?
Mentioned below are some of the useful tips to keep in mind while selecting a topic.
e46;As explained earlier, having extensive knowledge and information regarding a topic is a necessary step to be followed.
e46;For this purpose, I would suggest you to conduct thorough research on your selected topic.
e46;Check out various surveys and polls to know about possible opinions of the general public.
e46;Find solid material to support your point of view but research opposite opinion polls too.
For example, I have chosen a topic regarding the US economy and its correlation with Trump"s Administration. Now this topic is related to the politics and economy of the United States of America and is not related to any moral issue. Your aim should be to craft a well-researched debatable paper which contains complete analysis and fair criticism of various opinions associated with the topic. You will find extensive material on this topic which includes statistical figures, articles, press releases, surveys and journals etc.
What Are The Types Of Argumentative Claims?
Once you decide on a title, you must know about the types of argumentative claims which you will add in your essay while addressing the public. There are five major types of claims which include:
1.Authenticity: Whether a claim is true or false?
2.Definition: Define every term you have used in your essay with respect to all possible explanations (both official and your personal way of defining an issue)
3.Importance: How critical your chosen topic or issue is?
4.Causes and Effects: What are the possible causes and effects of the issue discussed?
5.Actions Required: What needs to be done to address the problem effectively?
Keep in mind that based upon these five components, your readers will form or change their opinion. Your whole essay will revolve around these five components. However, there are many essay writing services as well that can help you in choosing an accurate topic.
Characteristics Of Good Argumentative Essay Topic:
You can come up with the best essay if your topic has all the characteristics of a good title. A good topic is always:
Choose a current topic which has become the talk of the town.
Select the topic that is easily debatable. Political issues are the best example.
Topics which are relevant to your society will engage the reader in the best possible manner.
By keeping these characteristics in mind, you can think of some outstanding and persuasive topics. If you have chosen a topic with broad spectrum then narrow it down and toss away unnecessary details and examples. Sometimes, including all the details confuses your reader and he/she loses all the interest in your essay.
List of Argumentative Essay Topics For Your Help
Many students find it confusing and difficult to choose a topic for their essay. By viewing this list, you will get a variety of ideas for your essay. These essay topics are for students of all academic levels and you can certainly change them according to your requirements. It is just to give you a kick start and I am sure after this, your mind will automatically be filled with thousands of ideas. Have a look at this list and Thank Me Later!
College Level Topics:
1.Is the current taxation system effective or not?
2.Are males paid more than females in our corporate sector?
3.Whether or not Shakespeare should still be studied in colleges?
4.Is college admission getting too expensive?
5.Are test scores the only way to judge the competency of a student?
Easy Topics:
1.Are human beings the major source of global climate change?
2.Is polygamy evil or not?
3.Was Johnny Depp the wise choice for Burton"s Ed Wood?
4.Do religious movements outbreak war?
5.Are girls more intelligent than boys?
Contradictive Topics:
1.Are US elections always fair?
2.Is death penalty an effective punishment for criminals?
3.Is it wise to replace soldiers with machines and artificial intelligence in battlefields?
4.Should animals be used for performing experiments?
5.Has terrorism affected the foreign policy of the United States of America?
Social Media Topics:
1.Is social media an effective platform for communication?
2.Do people really get a job through LinkedIn?
3.Is Facebook legally allowed to leak private information of its user?
4.Is it possible to earn good amount of money from YouTube?
5.Should Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter be banned permanently?
Technology Related Topics
1.Are cell phones too harmful to humankind?
2.Are spy applications invading the privacy of users?
3.Is youth completely dependent on computers?
4.Typescript is a future of front-end development. Is it so?
5.Is youth way more dependent on information technology?
Topics Related Sports
1.Is addiction to video games dangerous for children?
2.By participating in sports, children can be kept out of trouble. Is it true?
3.Should girls be allowed to participate in sports just like boys?
4.Alternatives of steroids should be legalized for players?
5.Is cheerleading necessary in different games?
Topics For Middle School
1.What age is suitable for kids to start schooling?
2.Should students be allowed to evaluate their teachers?
3.Metal music should be banned due to its violent lyrics.
4.Making friends virtually is good or bad?
5.Which genre of music helps students in studying?
High School Topics
1.Is homeschooling better than the traditional way of schooling?
2.Allowing cellphones to high school kids is a wise decision. True or false?
3.Is co-education more advantageous than single-sex education?
4.Are GMO"s safe for human consumption?
5.Is fast food healthy or just a risk to human health?
You can easily get an idea for your desired topic from this list.
How To Write An Argumentative Essay?
Up till now I have discussed the best approaches to choose a topic for your essays, you can also visit its a good website that I have utilized several times.
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1/14/2019 10:34:55 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
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