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Aging Challenges

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4/9/2019 6:36:53 PM
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Aging Challenges
According to the data from the Centers for Disease Control, It was established that access to affordable health care is a critical issue among the Asian American. However, There are numerous challenges that face the youth between the ages of 18-30 years. These obstacles, Which appear during young age, Impact on people when they turn the age of 30 and in subsequent period above 60 years of age. The issue of single parenthood is usually experienced by young adults between 18-30 years that makes them feel alienated. The inadequate access to tertiary education is also a crucial problem that makes them not to qualify for some of the professional jobs. This aspect makes this group suffer from high level of poverty and over-reliance on labor-intensive jobs that are not well paid. This paper critically examines the challenges faced by the 18-30 years old Asian Americans and the impact it has on their subsequent life periods.
The most critical challenge facing this group of people is being undocumented. Most of them are usually immigrants from various countries outside the US. Therefore, They suffer from ethnic discrimination that denies them a chance to access quality education. Most of these Asian Americans also come from families that have been greatly affected by high consummation of alcohol. For instance, Indians are usually associated with the alcohol abuse caused by various reasons. Some of them inherit this bad habit from their parents who used to take alcohol and other drugs like tobacco for ritual purposes and during different ceremonies. This aspect frequently results in poor health conditions of most Asian Americans that stems from alcohol and substance abuse.
Research has shown that most young adults between 20 to 30-years usually postpone their marriages. They usually prefer cohabiting during this age. The statistics show that 50% of the young adults prefer cohabitation to marriage. This tendency often leads to giving birth to children out of wedlock, Who often are unwanted, Sent to relatives or even abandoned and forced to grow up in orphanages.
Alienation from the biological parents is also a point of concern for the Asian Americans at this life stage. Research has shown that cohabiting usually leads to birth of children who are frequently abandoned to live on their own. The lack of adequate parental support and care make most of them to resort to other heinous activities for survival. They also conduct unhealthy lives due to lack of balanced diet that their parents should have provided them. This aspect can be justified with the high level of single-parenthood among the Asian Americans.
Unemployment is usually a critical concern among the Southeast Asian Americans. This aspect is frequently a result of lack of proper education that can make them get better professional jobs. Therefore, Most of them resort to drug and substance abuse and form gang groups that engage in criminal activities. Lee and Zhou discuss that their refugee status makes them suffer from adaptation problems while experiencing alienation in schools. The issue of being undocumented students makes their situations even worse in colleges. They are usually compelled to rely on labor-intensive jobs that affect the quality of their lives compared to other groups of population.
Another study has revealed that depression and disability are prevalent among the older Asian Americans above 55 years of age compared to other groups. It was established that the rate of cognitive impairment among the women was almost equal to the men. Its frequency was determined to be three times higher than that of the older whites and the African Americans. The Asian Americans were also found to suffer from different symptoms of depression that affect the cognitive functioning of their brains. On the other hand, Disability at old age is usually associated with lifelong health. In a research based on health and retirement study, Population Reference Bureau established that the low socioeconomic status during childhood increases the chances of being disabled later in adulthood. The scientists also determined that acquisition of education gives people the potential to overcome the childhood challenges. Population Reference Bureau pointed out that the education should be seen as an effective means to counter disabilities, Reduce the disparities and improve the health status of the Asian Americans.
The issue of lack of significant family bonding at the young age often makes elderly Asian Americans lack the family care at adulthood. This aspect usually comes when they are not able to support themselves financially and need help from their biological children. These stresses considerably increase the risk factor of hypertension that makes them die of health problems. Most of elderly Asian Americans have no choice but to rely on the few available charity organizations for survival. Their problem of loneliness is mostly caused by their previous unwillingness to marry and have children.
Another disadvantage is that most of the Asian Americans at this age are lack access to the affordable health care due to ignorance. This aspect usually makes them struggle with ailments that at times lead to disabilities among the elderly people above 60-years-old.
In conclusion, The challenges that most Asian Americans undergo in their old age are closely related to the type of life they lived in their previous life stages. Some of these hindrances are inevitable and are difficult to overcome due to discrimination that this group of people faces. Despite the US government"s efforts to put various measures to take care of all its citizens regardless of age and background, These challenges are still critical and should be addressed. This goal can be achieved by increasing awareness of the significance of regular exercise and education. Emphasis should also be placed on the importance of family bonding to reduce the instances of being alienated at an old age.
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