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school is for girls and niggers

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6/19/2019 3:49:01 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
Professor Michael Thompson observed, Girl behavior is the standard in school, While boys are treated like being a defected girl. Its showing. Boys are far less likely to go to college, Get much fewer honors and get pretty crappy grades. For example, Boys score lower on reading tests not because their dumb but because they're just boys. Boys prefer action and comic books. However the books today in school clearly do not interest boys. Boys who are forced to read stories like Little House On a Prairie aren't happy. A study conducted by Ralph Fletcher concluded that classrooms like to use The Confessional Poet. Only stories that are full of emotion and have deep poetry are praised but boys tend to write about action, A monster devouring a city and competitions. A third grader made a drawing of a pirate battle and the boy got in trouble, However the dad was astonished that the teacher got him in trouble.

Boys are 5x more likely to get expelled from PRESCHOOL. In grades K-12 boys account for 70% of suspensions. Hardly a week goes by and you hear a story about how boys being boys are suspended. Jonathan Welsh, Age 7 was suspended because he made a pretend gun out of a pop-tart. At recess boys should be able to bring their competitive spirit, But recess has been lost by 50% and games like red rover, Tag and dodgeball are not allowed.
Come out ye black and tans

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