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Why is Digital Marketing Important for Startu

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12/26/2019 5:38:56 AM
Posted: 8 months ago
No one starts a business today without having a proper digital marketing strategy.
This is because digital marketing today has to be at the center of any marketing strategy for
any business whatever its size. If you are in the initial stages of starting a business
you probably have a tight budget and a small group of employees. You therefore need
a proper plan if your startup is going to grow as fast as it should.

One of the main reasons why startups fail is because they do not have
a proper digital marketing plan. You could have a great product that everybody
wants to buy, But if you do not have a proper plan on how to get people to
know about your product, Few people will buy it. According to CB Insights as many
as 17% of startups that fail can trace their failure to poor marketing.
Here are some major reasons why digital marketing is important for startup :

Involves True Engagement:
Savvy marketers understand that they can use digital marketing to transform processes and products using technology.
Digital marketing technologies give them a marketing edge that can push a startup above its
competition. Digital marketing, Especially social media marketing has the capacity to bring
a startup closer to its target audience.

A Better Understanding of Customers:
Digital marketing makes use of technology to improve your customer support by facilitating a better customer experience;
it puts your business on the map.

Digital marketing is extremely cost-effective. This makes it a perfect marketing tool for startups and small businesses that may
not have a big pool of resources or large injections of capital.

Boosts Online Conversions:
Digital marketing makes it easy to measure whether your marketing strategies are working or not.
You do this by looking at the incoming traffic as well as reviewing your rate of conversions.

Increases Your Visibility:
Digital marketing not only brings you some new customers, It increases the visibility of your
business on the web. As you run a digital marketing campaign, New people learn about your business.
In the event that they share your content with people in their circles,
they further help your business increase its visibility online.

Created Brand Awareness:
Digital marketing, Especially social media marketing is big on brand awareness. Even in the event that you do not make money after
a marketing campaign, You can be sure that the campaign has increased your brand awareness.

Increases Customer Engagement:
A digital marketing campaign will increase the rate of engagement of your brand with its customers.
This is especially helpful on social media where increased engagement often leads to higher
rates of conversion.

Tracks ROI:
Unlike traditional marketing, Digital marketing makes it extremely easy to track your return on investment.
Instead of waiting for the campaign you had setup to end before you can review it, Digital marketing makes it possible to review the campaign as it runs.

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12/30/2019 5:29:44 AM
Posted: 8 months ago
Digital marketing is very important for all companies to advertise the company and build a brand.

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